What are the 2023 fashion essentials? Here are the 10 most wanted products

Are you looking for the best of summer wear? Let’s discover together the most wanted products of the moment!

during the years Fashion has increasingly become a matter of status symbol, In other words, what you wear not only represents the person, but also represents his or her economic prospects. That’s why most people, for example, even if the current smartphone is still in near-excellent condition, when the new iPhone model arrives, they must have it at all costs.

Let’s discover together the 10 must-have products of summer! -grantennistoscana.it

Like a game of chess, each move determines whether you can continue playing or not. In short, homologating has its own inner message, in the exclusivity of the product: in fact, it tells that you are part of the people who matter and who can afford to keep up with the times and fashion, which is not always accessible to everyone. With the advent of social media, this sentiment has been amplified. Then there would be no influencers to dictate style choices, standing as the primary source of inspiration.

And keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with wanting what others have, it is a human and normal desire that reflects how deeply rooted the sense of belonging to a group is. From this point of view, habits and customs are nothing but the expression of this will. But what else is set for the summer of 2023 besides 40 degrees in the shade? it’s time to find out All summer essentials, You will fall in love with it!

Everyone’s Looking For Them, Everyone Wants Them: These 10 Products Can’t Be Missing From Your Wardrobe!

However, we warn you right away: some of the summer essentials have a very high price tag. But fashion is fashion and more than demand it depends on the brand whether the price goes up or not. So observe the market trends and understand which one has attracted the buyers, listindex Every three months it publishes a ranking of the most searched luxury brands and fashion products on the net.

In fact, depending on the number of searches done, some products become truly essential: everyone is looking for them, everyone wants them and no one can live without them. And to create the rankings, the List platform, which is used by over 200 million people every year, took into account both internal and external searches More than the number of views and sales of a particular product. and based on this data, well there are 10 (including clothing and accessories) Most sought after products at the moment, So which one is trending the hottest in this extremely hot and humid summer of 2023? Let’s check them out one by one!

From tank tops to sunglasses: Here’s everything you need for summer

Since this is a ranking, we’ll go from the most sought-after product to the last, but in the meantime let’s start at number one.

  1. white tank top from lowe’s

Let’s also say how a white tank top instantly turns up the heat, so it’s no surprise it’s in the first place. In all its simplicity, which fits perfectly with the essentials, the tank top gives Fresh and Cheeky Look, but at the same time very beautiful and timeless. However, not all white tank tops are created equal: The winner is, in fact, the Anagram Tank Top by Spanish fashion house Loewe. Even Kylie Jenner wore it, so it’s no surprise if it’s at the top of the charts! Market Price: 320 Euro.

Loewe white tank top – (source: www.loewe.com) – grantenistoscana.it

2. onitsuka tiger sneakers

After becoming a favorite of Generation Z by earning 113 million views on TikTok, Tiger Mexico 66 sneakers have become a A classic admired across generations, But not only this. In fact, in 1968, the Japanese national team for the Mexico City Olympic Games chose them as the official shoe for various competitions because they are also suitable for running. And even supermodels Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber couldn’t resist his charms. Market price: 130 Euro.

Sneakers Mexico 66 Onitsuka Tiger – (Source: www.amazon.it) – grantanistoscana.it

3. versace sunglasses

Let’s also say that you could very easily win over Versace if the Italian fashion house counts on Dua Lipa as its testimonial, for nothing at all. In fact, the singer has become a true style icon over time, to the extent that she created a summer capsule with Versace.Holiday, The most sought after when it comes to sunglasses maxi medusa biggy model, With a geometric cut, very hip-hop culture of the 90s, the gold Medusa details on the acetate rods give the frame a touch of glamor that has won everyone over. Market Price: 250 Euro.

versace sunglasses model maxi medusa biggie – (source: www.versace.com) – grantenistoscana.it

4. Lowe Straw Bag

Without the woven straw bag there would be no warmth that it touches”vacationer“For our looks. Let’s even say that this is a kind of unwritten rule that must be respected and handed down from generation to generation. And with a white tank top, the Loewe straw bag becomes a true It-bag leather details and woven palm leaves for a unique style. Market Price: 480 Euro.

Loewe Palm Leaf Bag – (Source: www.loewe.com) – grantenistoscana.it

5. sneakers new balance x aime leon dore

And speaking of sneakers, New Balance could not fail to be included in this ranking. However, compared to the more classic and “CheapHowever, this version of the sneaker is made in collaboration with New York Brand Aimee Leon Doré Let’s just say it’s prohibitive enough. The price, in fact, is 563 euros, compared to the more classic ones that are also found for less than 100 euros. In short, if you love Aimee Leon Dore, you can’t miss out on a similar limited edition piece of jewelry. Alternatively, it’s fine as one more thing”General“New Balance, you will always look good!”

sneakers new balance x aime leondore – (source: www.aimeleondore.com) – grantanistoscana.it

6. denim jorts by agolde

For those who do not feel comfortable in shorts, but certainly do not intend to die from the heat with long jeans, Jorts Are the Perfect Compromise, With the distinctive Bermuda silhouette, jorts are a perfect mix between jeans and shorts for summer. Even Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid are crazy about it! Market Price: 250 Euro.

Denim jorts by Agolde – (Source: www.agolde.com) – grantenistoscana.it

7. Mesh Ballet Flats By Alaya

A treatise could be written on ballet flats: in fact, if there are people who like them, there are also people who hate them, prejudiced, considering them an elegant shoe, yes, but not suitable for everyone. However, the dancers are the undisputed heroes of “quiet luxury“It is a way of understanding fashion that is always in demand and distinctive, but which does not give up the comfort of choosing one laid-back, no-frills style Like Alaya’s leather and mesh ballet flats. If you are a lover of Japanese culture then this super minimal model is suitable for you! Market Price: 650 Euro.

Minimal style flat mesh flat – (source: www.maison-alaia.com) – grantenistoscana.it

8. Flip Flop Sandals by The Row

Obviously, thong sandals cannot be missing in this ranking. If they are associated with quiet luxury, they become one of the hottest products of the moment. Most popular are the leather Ginza flip flops from The Row, a brand founded by sisters Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. Market Price: 920 Euro.

Leather thong sandals – (source: www.therow.com) – grantanistoscana.it

9. Shoulder Bag by Longchamp

Also a must-have for Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner, the Longchamp shoulder bag is the accessory you didn’t know you needed. In fact, it might be better to call the tote bag the quintessential one! Simple, elegant and spacious, it is perfect for drinks in the office and in the evening, after a working day, with friends. And Searches on the net have increased by 56% Due to the very low price and being accessible to (almost) all budgets in the last three months. The bag, in fact, cost “Lonely“120 Euros. It can’t be yours!

Shoulder Bag by Longchamp, Excellent Tote Bag – (Source: www.longchamp.com) – Grantanistoscana.it

10. Loro Piana Baseball Cap

And finally, to better protect us from the sun’s rays, the iconic baseball cap could not fail to close the ranking of the must-haves of the moment. Always a trendy and evergreen accessory, you can never go wrong with a baseball cap, if you choose a cap designed by Loro Piana brand, you will surely love it.

With a slightly autumnal atmosphere, the Loro Piana baseball cap closes the ranking of essential products for the summer of 2023 – (source: www.loropiana.com) – Grantanistoscana.it

With a lot of autumnal forest green – but also black or navy blue – E made in cashmere With the waterproof treatment, however, the price is not really a limitation: it costs 490 euros, however, it is worth all the money spent.

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