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  • Of the 200+ cheats and enchantments in Larian Studios games, the ones we’ve featured here, or variations of them, are the ones you should always have ready.

One of the hallmarks of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the ability to cast a spellnot necessarily limited to arcane classes (such as magician, sorcerer, or sorcerer, etc.), but any role can do Use a scroll. Then there are tricks, spells that don’t take up the time we have available between long breaks.In this guide I will explain which are the most useful And you should keep it handy at all times, either because you learn them through the character, or because you have the scrolls to execute them.

The most useful and powerful spells in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has More than 200 spells Or the tricks we can use, there are about 13 of them that will be useful at many moments in the game, although they are very varied and can be used in many situations.Some characters come with “inventory”, while others may study You can get them through arcane categories as you level up, or you should accumulate them in scrolls to throw them away at some point.

Anyway, I strongly recommend, if you can, to have one of the characters in the party study one or more These spells or rotate them between battles, being ready for any situation that requires an “extra touch” to resolve.

spelling guide

This is one of the most basic, but it can be used in combat and out of combat no waste of space spell. Channeling spells are very useful when doing any testing in dialogue, and Shadowheart comes with it as standard (although you also get an amulet that you can cast if you carry it).In combat, it is often used improve odds Hit the enemy with your weapon. Since it lasts 10 rounds, it is recommended to use it for everyone in the party at the start of the battle and enjoy its advantages after those rounds.

spell blessing

This is similar to Blessing, it lasts quite a long time, but spend a space Spell so it’s not a matter of going crazy.The advantage is that each version allows apply it to three characters different. It’s especially useful, as its own description says it’s good against enemies that deal a lot of damage or are slightly higher levels than us. It’s not a guarantee of salvation, but the save bonus will help a lot in the toughest encounters in the game.

spells that make or break water

Another transmutation consumes spell space, being able to create water will allow us to put out the fire immediately Fire nearby or on land to prevent us from getting burned while crossing.In the same way, if there is an area that makes it difficult for us to move in the liquid element, this spell can delete it To ensure that there will be no accidents when crossing.

healing word spell

It’s him basic healing spells, also an excellent substitute for potion consumption.Consumes a spell slot, but can also be used as Do extra operations on many classes. The main downside is that the healing is random and based on the character’s intelligence.Therefore, it is recommended that they use it first wizard, wizard, wizardand to a lesser extent monks, clergy, and bards.

magic missile spell

offensive spell guaranteed impact Among its goals we can choose up to three different ones.The main advantages are no line of sight Direct, and doesn’t suffer from the fact that the creature we want to cast it on is lower ground. Very useful against large groups of enemies, and great for softening up our martial arts lessons before they get into melee.

spell shield

The spell guarantees a reaction that allows us to better resist any type of physical attack by increasing the armor of the recipient of the spell.weakness is lasts only one round You have to carefully calculate who we roll it out to.On the other hand, it’s hard against magic projectiles of any kind, so normally we should apply it to our characters front Make sure they don’t take damage from harmful spells or effects.

amazing step spell

It’s not just a spell, it’s a trick with the advantage of its effects won’t run out Until we rest for a long time. As a trick, it doesn’t consume spell slots of any level, and while it might not seem like it, being able to move an extra three meters per turn in combat is a very powerful advantage for the player. reach melee Enemies attack based on ranged damage to break their focus and deal physical damage to them.

spell sleep

Excellent deactivation spell.It is very useful against troublesome enemies or mobs, or let’s take a break two laps. The downside is that it only lasts for these rounds, and dealing damage to someone affected by it will awaken them. However, if we calculate correctly When we fight him, it seems that the sleep effect takes effect in these two rounds. Just look at the active order, whoever falls asleep when we hit him, his active round has passed.

spell sanctuary

A particularly suitable save a character About to fall in combat and heal it later, or allow a priest, warlock, or mage to cast beneficial spells or passive environmental effects without fear of being attacked.Spell caster and receiver they benefit The effect works, but only ends when hitting or attacking an enemy. It can also act as a bonus action.

Tyrannical Order Spell

Here’s a slightly more complicated method to use rely on Whether the enemy is defeated or not Wisdom volume. Commands we can issue to our victims include ducking, running away, approaching someone, and even throwing away the currently equipped weapon. Obtaining the Everburning Sword at the start of the game is also essential.

minor illusion spell

its not just a spell an act We can specifically use stop action, because it doesn’t make much sense in a process. However, its usefulness is noteworthy if we want potential enemies to otherwise remain undetected. We create an illusion that attracts the attention of those around us, lasts 10 rounds.Please be careful as noise or any suspicious behavior near the person you are viewing may let them noticeso I suggest you use it in conjunction with the rogue class to do anything else.

camouflage spell

Similar to striking strides, camouflage is a spell Does not take up space spell and lasts until we choose to end its effect or after a long break. We can transform into various species and characters other than ourselves. Most importantly, camouflage allows us to use weapons that are restricted to certain races or specific races. have power with them. It’s also useful when using the speak to dead spell, since usually the people we kill don’t want to talk to us, but we can trick them by using this spell in combination.

color splash spell

This is a somewhat tricky spell to use for a number of reasons.The first is that it only lasts for one turn, so you have to be good at calculating when to cast it, the second is is the areaso if we don’t get it right, we can blind our allies. But it has the effect that, in addition to their melee attacks, ranged attacks, or spellcasting being more likely to miss, our attacks will also hit more easily those affected by it. Then, it is recommended to use it against the following enemies: they haven’t acted yet In the current round, they can still be attacked by our teammates.

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