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During July, world hepatitis dayan opportunity to raise awareness about the liver infection and contribute to the fight against its serious consequences, such as Cirrhosis, liver failure and cancer.

Although hepatitis can affect anyone, men are at higher risk for the disease and complications. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 354 million people with hepatitis B or C worldwide, and 79.5% of cases are male.

The main reasons that increase the risk of hepatitis in men include bad habits and excessive alcohol consumption. Chronic alcoholism can damage the liver and increase the likelihood of infection with hepatitis B and C, the two most common forms of the disease.Those who use intravenous drugs also fall under risk of infection.

In addition, unprotected sex is also the route of infection of hepatitis B and C, making men with multiple hepatitis Couples or those who do not take adequate protective measures are more susceptible to the disease.

To prevent hepatitis, men must take active steps, including vaccination and Adopt healthy behaviors, explains Cabra Biopharmaceutical Chemist (QFB) Paulina Mejía.

Experts stress the importance of ongoing diagnostic testing to detect disease in a timely manner, and, Treatment should be initiated promptly, if necessary.

General recommendations for preventing hepatitis include:

  • Vaccination: Be sure to get your hepatitis vaccine, especially for those at higher risk.

  • Continuous testing: Screening tests are done regularly to detect the disease in its early stages.

  • Avoid alcohol: Moderate or abstain from alcohol to protect liver health.

  • Using protection in sexual relationships: Use condoms correctly to prevent the transmission of hepatitis B and C.

  • Do not share needles or other equipment: Avoid exchanging needles and other objects that can spread disease.

Prevention and early diagnosis are key to reducing the impact of hepatitis on the male population and ensuring a better quality of life for all. By adopting healthy habits and protective measures, it is possible to face this disease and maintain liver health and overall well-being.

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