What are the uses of precious metals in daily life?

precious metals as gold, silver and platinum They are used in many human activities, not only in jewelry but also in the industrial sector or in daily life.

Here we explain the uses of these precious metals, maybe you don’t know.

gold, For example, it is used in health sectors such as dentistry to perform Fillings, crowns and bridges.

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According to the “Autlan” portal, this is a non-allergenic material and is also easy to shape.

Again, this is used for Diluted in certain injections to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and certain types of cancer.

In the industrial sector, gold is used in the manufacture of medical equipment, electronics, machinery, space planes, and in the production of symbols such as medals and trophies used to award prizes in different competitions and events.

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As for silver, it is also used in the manufacture of health products, creams, lasers, bandages, needles, threads, etc.

The World Health Organization records that The use of silver in the health sector is crucialused to treat burns and other conditions such as calluses and warts.

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Likewise, the metal can be found in drops for conjunctivitis, where it helps purify water and fight cavities.

In other areas, it is used to transfer power from certain batteries, solar panels, cameras, and more.

As for platinum, it is used industrially in lamps, lighters, and in the production of acetic and sulfuric acid.

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