What are they, how to access them and what permissions exist

IThe Christmas holidays continue to take their toll on millions of Spaniards. The current health situation in our country is marked by an increase in influenza cases. In the last few weeks of December and the first week of 2024, The incidence of influenza syndrome continues to increase.

The Ministry of Health has been very concerned about this situation, especially due to the collapse of emergency service facilities in health centers and hospitals.That is why Decided to make wearing masks compulsory at the above mentioned place.

Furthermore, if we add to this Children go back to schoolMany families have been dealing with the aforementioned winter epidemic. However, in this case, it is important to emphasize that parents can get “help” if their child has the flu.

What assistance is available to working parents and how to apply?

In the face of this worrying situation, we must remember that parents who have to care for a child with the flu, while also doing their jobs, Get rights so they can combine work responsibilities with childcare.

This is stipulated in the Workers’ Code, which emphasizes “the right to request adjustments to the duration and distribution of working days”. Effective implementation of the right to coordinate family and work lifePreviously, this measure applied until the child reached the age of 12. However, with recent updates, this right has been slightly modified.

“Those who have care needs for children over 12 years of age, spouse or common-law partner, relatives of the worker below the second degree of consanguinity and other dependents will have this right if: In the latter case, they live in the same home and are unable to care for themselves due to age, accident or illness, You must demonstrate that the circumstances of your request are reasonable“,It is reported that.

Parents can apply for a work permit to care for children

In addition to maternity and paternity leave, in order to reconcile family and work life, you have the right to:

Up to five paid days per year Caring for a secondary family member or cohabitant who requires rest at home due to “serious accident or illness, hospitalization, or surgical procedure without hospitalization.”

Equivalent to four paid days of absence per yeardue to force majeure “when it is necessary for urgent family reasons related to family members or cohabitants, or in the event of illness or accident requiring their immediate presence”.

Eight weeks of parental leave, continuously or intermittently, until the minor reaches the age of eight.Parents choose start and end dates but must give 10 days notice

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