What books should I read to live a healthy life?

These are some of the most popular health books in bookstores in the country.

Every day there is greater interest in the ability to better understand how the human body works, what factors have the greatest impact on it, and what alternatives are available to maintain good health and an optimal quality of life.

Some people opt for “home remedies” or “miracle formulas,” but it is always recommended to listen to authorities and experts in the field. The country’s bookstores currently stock a variety of important research books that are easy to understand and backed by solid science.

second brain

Diagnosed cases of stress and anxiety are on the rise in contemporary society, and what first surprises many is that both conditions are directly linked to digestive health, creating problems such as gastritis, colitis and constipation.

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This is the central theme of “The Gut: Our Second Brain,” a book by Francesca Jolly Gomez, a professor of nutrition at the University of Paris 7, which is based on the premise that understanding the function of our digestive system is essential for maintaining Health is crucial and not just physical but also emotional.

The key is the simple solutions and advice the author provides in the book, both for those who want to maintain good gut health and those who want to restore their gut health.

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Only real food

Another warning from nutritionists is that some people engage in dietary deception. As described in the legendary movie The Matrix, “We live in a world where we eat not real food, but the products that are put in front of us.”

In an age of ultra-processed foods, nutritionist Carlos Ríos, founder of the “Realfooding” movement, has launched his guide to transforming nutrition and health in order to encourage people to learn about nutritious foods to encourage greater consumption. : “Eat real food”.

In 316 pages, Carlos Ríos provides the science you need to question, investigate, and delve deeper into what’s best for food, and offers tips, tricks, and quick recipes so you can eat with simplicity. , fast and delicious way to eat healthy.

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Mind and body reset

Perhaps, before changing your eating habits, it would be better to eliminate overeating and reset your mind and body in some way so that you don’t end up falling for the temptation of overly processed foods.

Nutritionist Carla Zaplana has created a five-day program that she recommends doing every year and provides daily guidelines for what she calls a complete reset and improved body function.

He incorporates this into his book Liver Cleanse, which explores the effects of toxins on the body and emotional state, and how an adequate cleanse can not only shed excess weight or reduce fluid retention, but also help Fights fatty liver disease and improves restful rest and a clearer mind.

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Hormones under control

Many women have become accustomed to living with constant headaches, irregular menstruation, chronic fatigue, unexplained weight gain, depression, and low libido, often without being properly diagnosed or adequately treated.

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In his book “The Hormone Balance Bible,” Shawn Tassone, known as “America’s Holistic Gynecologist,” explains why hormonal imbalances are often at the root of several problems that affect women every day, but most Importantly, it provides the key to solving these problems.

It’s a comprehensive and personalized program so that each woman knows her hormonal status and develops new habits that will help her feel better throughout the week.

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Epidemics of the 21st century

Although many people don’t notice it, perhaps they are sneezing more often and symptoms of stuffy nose, itchiness and red eyes are more common, as one in four people suffers from the condition, according to new research. .

Considering the non-communicable epidemics of this era, it is one of the six most common diseases in the world, and at the same time, myths and especially ignorance abound around it. To that end, physician and allergist Paula Ribó has written Allergies, the New Epidemic, a guide to understanding, preventing, and fighting allergic disease.

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