What did Kanye West say about Cardi B?

Did you know Cardi B is an Illuminati factory?

At least that’s what Kanye West thought in a leaked video clip that went viral on Twitter (which I personally will never call “X”). In the video, Kanye says Cardi B is an Illuminati plant… She doesn’t write her raps. She’s just there to appear as ignorant as possible. She literally replaced Nicki Minaj on purpose… She thinks it’s a blessing from the universe, not a goddamn blessing.”

Now it’s important to take all of this with a grain of salt. Kanye’s hair and clothing in the video suggest it was filmed sometime in 2018, when he was in the middle of his “bipolar is my superpower” era of communing with nature in Wyoming. You may remember that there was a documentary being filmed around that time and he also said some not-so-nice things to his former colleague Chance the Rapper. He’s also known to be somewhat… shall we say, “volatile” – both before this video and recently.

Likewise, since shooting the video, Kanye has worked with Cardi B (and Lil Durk) on her 2022 single “Hot Sh*t.” Cardi herself reminded followers that “Ye also had a lot of praise for her mic skills, posting a clip from Kanye’s 2022 interview with Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked in which he contradicts the above statements. “I’ve always believed in her since she was on Love and Hip Hop: New York,” He said.

Is it “Teach Wally” or “One Mic”, Kanye?

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