What do Cristiano and Telefónica have in common?Saudi Arabia’s ambitions

Cristiano Ronaldo ensured that football was the first thing that came to mind when people heard the name Saudi Arabia after signing in last winter transfer window. This is the first star in Saudi heaven. He signed with Al Nasr. Since then, it’s not uncommon to see the team’s jerseys in squares and schools across Spain.

Ronaldo’s contract is terrible. As far as we know, he signed a contract for two and a half years in exchange for 500 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo is the athlete with the most followers in the world, excluding the bonus of including Saudi Arabia’s name in an Instagram post. 600 million people are waiting for your thoughts and gestures on the world’s most popular social network. This has given an insurmountable influence to a country that, until two days ago, evoked something very different from the joys of sport and entertainment.

“Saudi Arabia will invest heavily in spreading its name beyond its borders” (Ahmed Al Omran)

On October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside his country’s embassy. Killed and dismembered. U.S. intelligence has cleared up doubts about who ordered his murder. There is no crime without an executioner. The executioner was Mohammed bin Salman. Prince of Saudi Arabia. He is also the heir to the most powerful throne in the Arab world.

Bin Salman has denied the accusations. No one believed him, and the regime’s image was greatly damaged. Because Saudi Arabia executes dozens of citizens every year for expressing a vision that differs from the official version. But none of them got more than one stock in the back of the newspaper library. The trial of 11 men suspected of involvement in the murder did little to reverse the disastrous view of free citizens. In fact, Saudi Arabia sentenced the victims of this and five other murders to death. But let’s be honest. European and American leaders have distanced themselves from the prince only in the media.

“Saudi Arabia knows that oil prices will fall in the long term and is looking for a way out” (Alberto Priego)

Over the years, Khashoggi’s crimes gradually faded into the background. Europe’s veto on Russian oil gives Saudi Arabia a privileged position. IThe historical cycle is accelerating. Recently, Saudi Arabia received an invitation from the BRICS countries to join the BRICS in 2024. And at the beginning of the year, they came back with news that surprised us.his reconciliation Iran. reconciliation between Sunni and Shia Sponsored by Chinahe The silent mediator.

In short, Saudi Arabia is an important player in understanding the world.interview Ahmed Al Omranreporter New York Times In Saudi Arabia, official plans to promote the regime at home and abroad through football, esports or cricket are unveiled.Then the teacher returned to the show Alberto PrigoA PhD in international relations from Comillas University explains oil-reliant Saudi Arabia’s moves to expand its influence and diversify its economy.

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