What gestures should you make before getting on the plane?

Spain is a tourist country with domestic and foreign tourists. Every corner of our territory has a large percentage of sunny days, which encourages us to want to move and enjoy a lasting trip or a simple vacation. Whether it’s during the summer, Christmas, Easter or one of our several long weekends each year. Nowadays, it is common to take advantage of several days to maximize your free time, and the fastest and most useful option for this is to fly. Quick round trip.

In the last minute rush, we arrived at the airport on time, with checked baggage, mobile phone, charger… all available. But in the moment of review, we may have forgotten some basic things that you must control before getting on the plane.

Check your boarding pass before heading to the airport Pixar

Avoid surprises when boarding a plane with this simple gesture

If you didn’t realize this when you bought your ticket to go on the vacation you want, you still have time before you get on the plane.

We often think that when we board an airplane, there are only two categories of passengers. The reality is that in some cases there are up to three: Economics, Administration and First. However, on most airlines, you have to pay more to select the seat you want to travel in. The other option is to not pay and be assigned a random spot.

Most passengers prefer to travel outside the window to enjoy the beautiful scenery during the flight, however, Some people also prefer a more forward or aft position of the wings airplane.

alphabet game

Therefore, on commercial aircraft there are usually three rows of passengers on the left and right, with an aisle in the middle. Seats are further divided alphabetically with row numbers. These range from A to F. So if you want to finally see the scenery you have to choose A or F, And the rest The letters C and D correspond to the corridors, and B and E correspond to the middle.

Passengers can choose their seat, or the system will randomly assign a seat Pixar

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