What happened to Miguel Bosse’s voice?Eliminate the singer’s disease and his health problems

health problems experienced Miguel BossThey have attracted intense public attention in recent years, and people have seen singer’s voice bandit lover anyone Morena Mia i lost my strength It was impossible for him to sing and tune his most legendary songs. He has given few concerts in recent years, and his television appearances have been calculated and prepared.

Underlying sinusitis is the cause of his voice loss

he had to move around eight years Before knowing what was wrong with his voice discovered almost by accident.He recounted this story in detail during his last visit anthill show this collection Bose.

“In 1999, I was in a terrible car accident. I crushed two vertebrae. They were ruptured and I couldn’t do anything. Twenty-three years later, one night as I was sleeping, The next morning I couldn’t get out of bed because of the pain.” said Bosé, who at the time thought it was a sciatica problem.

When his condition didn’t improve after two weeks, he decided to go to the hospital. “I said, ‘Since they’re going to do a CT scan of the back of the person they’re interested in, they should do it from start to finish because I have osteoarthritis issues in my neck so I can see what’s going on,'” he explained.

Due to problems with his vertebrae, he had to undergo a lengthy surgery lasting seven hours, requiring 14 screws and four rods. But things didn’t stop there.The doctor who examined him before and after surgery He saw something on the scan that could explain his voice problems.

“He came and told me: ‘I have consulted my colleagues and, in fact, my suspicions are well founded. The chronic sinusitis they claim to you is not chronic. We are convinced and believe that it can go away and we can delete it, We’ve discovered the causes of sinusitis, which in turn can lead to infection and cause you to lose your voice.” the singer recalled.

Therefore, the singer knew that his problems did not stem from emotions. Miguel Bosé lost his voice due to sinusitis, which lay dormant for years and was caused by an infected dental implant.

Dental implant infection, the root cause of sinusitis

Miguel Bosse asked hopefully if they would operate on him and if his voice would come back, they replied: “100 percent.”

He wanted to know more about what was causing his sinusitis, and he found the answer in a previous infection.. “I said: What is this? They said to me: A tooth”“said the singer. “It turns out that in order to put the implant in the left side, they drilled a hole in my bone so that the root of the tooth could go in, and the waste started coming in little by little, and over time it It turns into infections, sinusitis, and eventually it goes back to the gut,” he details.

It all ended much sooner than expected. “Finally, these gentlemen pulled my teeth and the next day my voice came back”he concluded.

For a long time I thought it was a relationship issue.

Before learning his true diagnosis, Miguel Bosse spent several years thinking he lost his voice because of It’s because of emotional issues This resulted in Psychogenic dysphonia, That is, the inability to speak normally due to severe aphonia that “appears and disappears”

“When my relationship started to go wrong, when the love wasn’t there, when everything fell apart, in my case, due to caution, responsibility, education, you persevered. And then it exploded. It exploded hard, seriously. Here’s the problem: One of the things “it’s about the voice,” the singer said a few years ago, assured that he had been “without a voice” for months, a veiled reference to his breakup with Nacho Palau.

Finally, after a tomogram, Bosse knew It wasn’t because he was emotional that he lost his voicebut it is caused by sinusitis and its roots can be traced to dental implant intervention.

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