what happened?Paulo and Messi make a strange move ahead of duel with Bolivia

After the premiere, Victory Ecuadorgo through South American Qualifiersthis argentina national team He’s already thinking about Tuesday’s matchup Bolivia.So while waiting for departure Peace, Rodrigo DePaul shared a striking photo Lionel Messi In the middle of practice.

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The Atletico Madrid midfielder showed off an interesting photo with the Albi Celeste captain, as he showed on his Instagram Story. In it you can see how the Sarandis brought down the Rosarios who were sitting on top of the ball.

Rodrigo De Paul and Lionel Messi.
Rodrigo De Paul’s funny photo with Messi

And just like that, Lionel Scaloni’s side kept their spirits high following their victory at the Estadio Monument. However, the focus remains on La Pulga’s physical condition before he eventually heads to La Paz.

It is worth noting that the former Barcelona player retired after the 88th minute of the match against the Tricolor, accusing the right-back of being overloaded. Likewise, the national team has ruled out the possibility of missing the second game against Bolivia.

This is the message that the Argentinian coach has conveyed in the past few hours: “Messi is fit to travel. We will see if he plays, there are two days until the game and we will make a decision tomorrow or Tuesday.”

Argentina’s second South American qualifying match against Bolivia will be held next Tuesday at 5:30 pm at the Hernando Siles Stadium near La Paz.

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