What health problems can be found by observing the state of nails

TCM experts reveal the secret Nails tell a lot about your health.But he was more specific in identifying himself Growth, Shape and Markingsigns of possible problems, and go to the doctor urgently.

oriental philosophyis an Asian company specializing in herbal remedies and often shares Health Education Videos on TikTok including a clip on how to detect your health look at your nails.

The viral video, which has nearly 400,000 views, shares how the company’s followers found some health problems and decide if they need to see a doctor.

Eastern Philosophy is a small Asian company specializing in herbal medicine.Douyin screenshot

“According to the Taoist tradition of body reading, your nails can reveal your health”to read the subtitles of the video being played Daily Mail.

Nails that curve downward may indicate a respiratory problem

In the image, the voice says if her nails bend downcan express Respiratory problems.

These types of nails are also called stick nails and may be The first sign of a serious medical condition.

Disadvantages listed against this version include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), this chronic bronchitishe asthma Even lung cancer.

Downward bending is a sign of a respiratory problem.

bent nails, liver or lung problems

if your nails are Bending Up You Could Have Liver or Lung Problemsreview.

according to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation35% of people with large or advanced lung cancer will develop nail upturned phenomenon, and 4% of people with small cancer cells will also have upturned nails.

The upward clubbing happens in stages, he added.

First, the nail bed becomes smooth and the skin next to it usually becomes shiny.Next, people started noticing nails more curved than normal when you look at them from the side.

Nails curve upward.Douyin screenshot

Finally, fingertips are often they get bigger and start to swellThey explained that it was due to fluid buildup in the soft tissues of the fingers.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines: Stomach and Nerves

Then TikTok will flag if your nails have Vertical linewhich may indicate a problem with your stomach or nervousness.

Nail ridges are often a sign of other serious health problems, according to Healthline.

The lines seen on the nails can be horizontal.

Conversely, in the same group, may suffer multiple sclerosis or multiple sclerosis, This is a disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves that make up the central nervous system.

Vertical markers that require attention.

On the other hand, if lines are horizontal rather than vertically, which could mean Problems related to the gut. This alert also covers some kidney disease.

If the horizontal ridge is on the distal end of the nail, it may indicate the presence of celiac disease.

The big “nail month” and high blood pressure

The familiar moon or crescent on the nail is too large, indicating “a risk of infection.” hypertensionsaid the small Asian company.

The crescent shape at the base of the nail is called crescent moon considered too large when it occupies one third or more Nails

usually indicates a problem Cardiovascular system, cardiac rhythm disruption and hypertension.

A crescent or large moon on the nail.

High blood pressure can increase the risk of other heart problems and even stroke, according to the CDC.

Most people suffer from high blood pressure due to your diet, lifestyle or healthbut the base of your nails may be ringing your alarm bells as to whether you should see a doctor for high blood pressure.

No nails or small windows, low pressure

Conversely, a small moon on the nail, a moon barely visible behind the cuticle, could mean it has low blood pressure.

This means a circulatory disorder and is usually a sign of a blood circulation disorder weak immune systempoor metabolismRich in iron and vitamin B12.

If the crescent separates with a horizontal line from the rest of the nail, it may indicate a possible development of diabetesspread throughout the British newspapers.

What would happen if there were no nail moons?it can indicate presence Extreme fatigue and low immunity.

Nails may be evidence of certain diseases.

The Chinese company added: “The nail moon may recede as Staying up late, indigestion, anemia, hypothyroidism“.

according to Healthlinedeficiencies are not always a cause for concern, as they may be hidden under the stratum corneum Or the skin at the base of your fingers.However, this could be a sign Depression or malnutrition.

For example, in the last example, they suggest making an appointment to see a doctor. But it is worth clarifying that, In all cases a health professional must be consulted.

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