“What if it gets worse!”

more than 45 minutes.This is the time he must wait, Tuesday night, a 6-year-old girl suffering from “gastroenteritis and severe dehydration” at the gate of the Bermillo de Sayago Health Center until it can Attended by a doctor.

he condemned Rubén Martin moved his daughter from Villadepera, He was on holiday there for a few days and found the health center closed when the thermometer hit 40 degrees.

Rubén and his daughter arrived around 9pm, After ringing the emergency bell several times He confirmed that “no one came out”.As they continued to wait, more patients arrived, including a Girl stung by a wasp.

As my father said, after more than three hours, an ambulance with doctors and nurses appeared. “To my surprise, I was able to confirm that the health center was empty. The toilets must have been dealing with an emergency and there was no one in downtown Belle Milo.”How can you leave an emergency room in an entire region with no one in charge? asked Ruben Martin.

“It’s horrifying to think that a person can be left behind the gates of a school for so long. Emergency services without a doctor or nurse involved. ohWhat if something more serious happens! ”

The girl’s father noted, “Professionals treated her perfectly. There’s no doubt about it, and I don’t think they’re responsible for the flaws. It’s impossible that it was left in this place.” The whole region is left helpless Because there are no more professionals working. What a pity. ’ said the episode’s lead indignantly, which also happened on one of the hottest days of summer.

this Sayago Health Platformit will take more than two years Every Saturday, they gather at the gate of the Bemilo Health Center, has been condemning the sanitation deficiencies in the area. Situations like what happened on Tuesday afternoon, when the only professional on duty had to go out to deal with emergencies, left the center without a doctor or nurse. “Citizens cannot remain silent in these circumstances,” Ruben Martin said.

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