What infections can be contracted in a hospital?

Health facilities are critical to providing medical care and treatment for patients with many diseases. In addition, there is an associated risk of contracting infections during hospitalization. A recent study by researchers from several Latin American countries sheds light on factors that increase hospital mortality in the region and how to prevent these infections.

Of course, the Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health studies in different countries in South America confirm that different hospitals can be infected with various infections.

In addition, possible infections are mainly reflected in pneumonia, urinary tract infection and blood. The results showed that 17 percent of patients admitted to Latin American hospitals died without infecting the hospital, but when patients did, the death rate rose to 30 percent.

Why do infections occur in hospitals?

It is important to emphasize that the risk of death in a hospital depends on the socioeconomic level of the country, but also on the type of hospital, the type of admission, and the age of each patient.

In addition, the study highlights that there are measures that can reduce hospital infection rates. Dr. Victor Rosenthal, founder and chair of the International Hospital Infection Control Scientific Community, said efforts to reduce the time medical devices are in use are important.

There is no doubt that the use of these devices increases the incidence of multiple infections in hospitals, and when this occurs, it is important to note that specific measures regarding use must be managed.

Targeted measures should be taken to avoid nosocomial infection

It is worth mentioning that specific measures to prevent nosocomial infections must be carefully evaluated.

Countries such as Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia have seen infection rates drop by 5% compared to the United States, according to the Ministry of Health.

Of course, it is necessary for people to wear gloves, masks and protective clothing when going to the hospital, so as to avoid infection that affects the body.

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