What is cutecore, fall 2023 fashion trend from Japan

Ultra feminine yet nostalgic and naive at the same time: Ribbons in hair, bows, corsets, ruffles, flounces and other nods to the Victorian era, leggings and varsity socks, even soft toys used as accessories and some outdoor elements to dilute – all naturally spiced with pastels, between shades of pink and white. and heavenly. In short, put it all together in more detail leather you can imagine and you will get milokor.

Like aesthetics, it comes directly from Japan, the birthplace of all “kawaii” (darling, dear, leather, viz.) and this is actually nothing new, considering that (at least here) it represents the basis of popular culture. However, recently TikTok found him a new label and fan base The global space for this style between the affected and the nostalgic seems to be noticeably expanding. Now to understand the concept milokor (or kawaiikor) since it lived in Japan, it would first be necessary to say a few words about “mo” culture. By this concept, so widespread that it underlies virtually every marketing choice of every Japanese company (even in the most unexpected sectors), we mean that feeling of tender affection and innocence that fill us with fictional characters or celebrities (as in the case of idol) is simply adorable. culture Mo That is why Japan has a mascot for everything, why 2D characters often become symbols of accessories brands and inspire hundreds of cafes and themed events. What does this have to do with fashion? It has something to do with the moment when the culture Mo conflicts with the general Japanese tendency to include this tenderness in his image.

Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin and all the rest.Sanrio characters are the basis milokor. In Japan, where Accessorize the gadgets of your favorite characters on the agenda, these are plush handbags, hair clips, large pendants that can be hung on designer bags. Since Japan reopened its borders, crowds of tourists and influencers have been rediscovering the pleasure of wearing delicate things, reinventing chill that without the right style can make you turn up your nose, impersonating cringe, find that delicate balance.

THAT flakes they go great as well hairstyles with braids and pigtailsthen we think about pastel shades and delicate patterns. Considering it’s not exactly Japanese if it’s not there. contradiction basically true milokor often includes disturbing elements, even punk accents. And because Victorian references are such an integral part of the look, this is where they come in handy. Vivienne Westwood, a cult figure for fashion lovers in Japan, whose punk vein, steeped in historical references, also lends itself well to ensembles with more ostentatious overtones. Other designers who can be attributed to the same wave: Simon Rochawhich often combines loli aesthetic with layering, lace, draping and Molly Goddard with volumetric creations from tulle.

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milokor we can say that it does not have clear rules, but it includes many elements that are found in other subcultures and currents, starting with Japanese, such asaesthetics Decorate which is totally focused on stuffing yourself with kawaii-style stuffed toys and accessories or all the options lolita style with its theatrical skirts, corsets, ribbons and lace, but also some more recent and “international” trends such as balletcore AND blocks. The latter seems especially appropriate when you want include details leather in appearance, it is skillfully balanced by sporty elements and a more tuneful character. careless. Combining references to the world of football from blockcore with a slightly mischievous femininity yoke, between denim pants and tapes, blazers paired with ultra-feminine micro tops, t-shirts stolen from the playgrounds and school micro skirts, style blocks now conquered many celebrities and among the principal representatives there is none other than Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Rosaliawho loves details kawaii he always showed great passion for Japan.

And then here milokor, diluted and reimagined, it may well penetrate everyday life as well. This is due to the feeling of escapism: milokor exists in one dimension

naive, reminiscent of the lost world of childhood, with everything that inhabited it; and we know that taking refuge in the things we loved in the past is always better than living in a present that doesn’t satisfy us.

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