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Recently, the Lebanese-American model Mia Khalifa He shared his position on Hamas attacks in Israel, as well as those that resulted in the completion of tasks for those who cooperated.

One of them was Playboy, which in a press release called the model’s words “disgusting and reprehensible” to glorify “Hamas’ attacks on Israel and the asesinato of innocent men, women and children,” which I understood from the text: Fox News.

Khalifa He called Hamas terrorists “luchadores of freedom.”. I also said “you should keep your phones and film horizontal” which is worth a lot of criticism.

In Story X (pre-Twitter), Mia was very vocal in her support for armed attacks by Hamas, the Palestinian political and paramilitary organization currently at war with Israel.

Mia’s support in the Palestinian community will be in response to her origins in Lebanon, a country that has historically experienced a series of conflicts with Israel.

What is Mia Khalifa dedicated to now?

Sarah Jo ChamounKnown simply as Mia Khalifa, she was born a model and entrepreneur in Beirut, Lebanon, although she has also had national status since 2001 when she and her family moved to Maryland, USA.

Mine now He’s an internet celebrity which has thousands of followers on Instagram profiles (27.5 million) and

He has collaborated with brands such as Louis Vuitton and BLUEMARBEL, to name a few. I decided to start with my own brand. put on accessories for women.

Model based Sheitan, jewelry brand which goes back to the name, its roots in the Middle East, which wanted to restore the word Sheitan, which means evil spirit, as a sign of power, as described in the article Fashion.

“It was the most exciting and amazing thing we’ve ever tried to do. I wanted to create something that comes from my heart, my heart and my culture,” Khalifa explained in his article.

She currently uses her social media profiles to promote her own jewelry brand, which has over 50 million followers on Instagram and with which she has also created a post dedicated to Palestine.

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