What is the wrong shoe theory? And why did he conquer all?

Always more often tik tak it becomes the driving force behind numerous new trends that, taken from everyday life, acquire a name thanks to a viral social network and therefore also a highly distinguishable identity. In this specific case, thisWrong shoe theory”, a fairly simple trend as it revolves around accessories, namely shoes.

There wrong shoe theory it can easily be configured as something we have been unconsciously doing for a long time in our ordinary lives, and it consists in a combination of shoes that is completely out of context in relation to the clothes that we are going to wear. Stylist Allison Bornstein she was a real guide in the birth of this new direction, explaining how, working with numerous clients with different needs, she learned to distinguish between thoughtfulness and functionality in her looks.

Working with a client who by necessity always wore sneakers, this created a whole image around a shoe that today we would call “athletic” and it would be a more functional choice than an intentional one, since his style, like his everyday life, does not match the perfect sporty look. Therefore, the stylist changed her look, creating a contrast between sneakers, a must-have given by a life in constant motion, and an outfit more suited to her personality, combining shoes and clothes belonging to opposite aesthetics, transforming a seemingly meaningless choice in a conscious choice. solutions.

Obviously, this trend was immediately welcomed by stars and celebrities of various fields, although often behind the appearance of such prominent people there are not important reflections, but rather a desire to break the mold and talk about yourself, often choosing shoes that completely break your head. a look that creates an unexpected and curious “wow” effect. And so more and more often we see tailored suits with flip-flops, crocodile jeans, high heels under sweatpants, as is the case with Rosaliatennis shoes under a very long skirt, as is the case with Kendall Jennerand so on.

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