What is this terrifying sci-fi movie that you can find on Disney+?

Following The Explosive Adolescence, director and writer Brian Duffield has signed his second feature film with Traquée. A melange of genres that will appeal to fans of Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan.

Trucks : when the aliens play with the Cambrioleurs

Premiere feature film from screenwriter Brian Duffield Nanny and etc. Underwater, Adolescence is explosive reveal the talents of your talents on stage in 2020 assigns genre film codes find an interesting offer. In this project by Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer, two high school students fall in love with those whose heads explode without explanation. You are determined to make the most of your life in a chaotic world.

An exciting romantic-apocalyptic comedy, located somewhere between Scanners and etc. 10 good reasons for your growth, here a woman is jealous of Brian Duffield’s film set. Heading Trucksthese two feature films are yet another genre mash-up from the same creator. to clarify the influence of Steven Spielberg et al. M. Night Shyamalan my son, childbirth.

Trucks One day, she makes her debut as her other character, Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever), a young woman who lives in an isolated home and seems to be rejected by the people of her small town because of her problems. She passes where her brightest time is, visiting her mother upstairs and writing to her best friend Maude, who has also passed away.

Ce soir-là, tout bascule pour Brynn. As she contemplates becoming a victim of change, she realizes that I chose this dish because it is inhuman. She seems to approach these creatures and falls prey to the alien’s disturbance. But I cauchemar est loin d’être terminé…

There’s a very good surprise here

Quasiment muet, Trucks Come back to us to get a unique mise-en-scène, quite rare for the soul. Having introduced his heroine, Brian Duffield introduces an extremely effective intrigue into his life. Some shots represent disturbing movements in the garden.Alien alienwhen mysterious visits come to the ailleurs cherche à se cacher. Sauf is here, the visit is absolutely friendly.

Lorsk Brynn, fur essay, camera movements, expressive ceux de Jurassic Park, Signes and etc. War of the WorldsBrian Duffield seems to reveal the intelligence of the alien in the depths of the Efrayant cache, just as Steven Spielberg did with his speedsters or his T. rex. Home disturbance connections resemble little aliens Type Rencontres du troisièmemore impressive, faster and decidedly more aggressive.

Brian Duffield is still looking for these references and after the premiere he takes the form home invasion a la sauce Mars attacks!, film orientation body snatchers facade Invasion of profaners from the tombs in révélant l’étendue des potentials of aliens et leur plan de conquête. The implementer is finally caught up in traveling around the world and is tempted to put a lot of souvenirs from Brynn into the invasion to stop the temptation of resistance.

If the rhythms repeat and certain situations repeat, Trucks offer the same remarkable sequences in the second installment, detailed with different alien forms to offer exciting confrontations. Ultimately, despite the predictable twist ending, the film that deserves to be used is a concept that is just about right and never lets down with its atmosphere, taking advantage of an optimistic conclusion that is certainly not possible. “Reprenant à nouveau de nombreux éléments familiars des genre lovers”, Brian Duffield after reading the book Adolescence is explosive double medley maitriséeven if he is missing, there is a real feature that can convince the tribement.

Trucks East find out on Disney+.

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