What is Tom Brady’s involvement with Birmingham City? NFL icon given ‘significant role’ after Blues investment

NFL icon Tom Brady is one of many overseas superstars who have decided to take the plunge into the world of English football.

He followed in the footsteps of Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney and Michael B. Jordan, as well as NBA star Russell Westbrook, by investing in the club.

Brady joined Birmingham City in August.

That club is Birmingham City, who have just appointed Manchester United and England legend Wayne Rooney as their new coach.

Brady has been given a “significant” role at the Blues after teaming up with Tom Wagner to take over St Andrew’s.

What is Tom Brady’s involvement in Birmingham?

Brady is a minority owner of Birmingham City.

The 46-year-old has partnered with Blues owners Knighthead Capitol Management LLC, a company with which he has a strong relationship.

His joining the football club was announced in early August and it was later revealed that he would be in a hands-on role rather than just being an investor.

Brady became chairman of the new Advisory Council, and Birmingham explained in a statement what his role would be.

It said: “As Chairman of the Advisory Board, Brady will apply his extensive leadership experience and knowledge to multiple components of the Club, including working alongside the Sports Science Department to advise on health, nutrition, wellness and recovery systems and programs.

“In addition, Brady will work closely with the Board of Directors and management team on global marketing efforts and identifying new commercial partnership opportunities for the Club.”

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Brady given hands-on role with Blues1 credit

Controlling shareholder Wagner also explained that Brady will be actively involved in the club, and not just for the sake of PR.

He said Bloomberg TV: “He’s not here for promotional purposes and obviously today it’s all about keeping Tom in the public eye.

“But it’s really about Tom bringing his experience after a 23-year NFL career. It’s very competitive, as everyone knows, and where he has had unprecedented success.

“When you think about Tom playing in 10 Super Bowls over a 23-year career, he won seven of them. If I remember correctly, he was only picked twice in those Super Bowls. That’s a pretty incredible track record.

“And his skill level never declined. So it’s about bringing that knowledge to Birmingham.

“So Tom will be the chairman of our advisory board. It will play a significant role in health, wellness and nutrition.

“Essentially, human resilience will play a role in how we think about player interactions.”

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