What series should we expect in the new season?

The long-awaited premiere of the series of the new season

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We had a year of 2023, full of good shows, with spectacular endings. Inheritance, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Ted Lasso or Barryphenomenon Last of ussurprise Bronka, TheBearo Yellowjackets’ satisfactory results are among many, but there are still quite a few projects to look forward to. Some of them already have a release date, while others are just announced before the end of the year. At a time when the Hollywood Writers’ Strike is in full swing and joined by the actors’ union arrests, it’s not easy to predict exactly how filming will play out and what strategy the platforms will come up with to dose productions. they finished, but the hole didn’t become too obvious. In any case, the expected dates may change, and the dates expected for the end of the year may wait until 2024. This last glimpse of August kicked off with two of the most fan-acclaimed phenomena. He arrived last Tuesday Ashoka (Disney+), playable sequel to the series. star Wars rebels with which Lucasfilm hopes to win back the trust of fans of the galactic saga sooner Star Wars: The Skeleton Teamdue out in the fall. At that time, Netflix once again I bet on the film adaptation of one of the most beloved anime with one piecescheduled for August 31, with which he hopes to remove the bad taste left by the fiasco cowboys bop two years ago. Netflix is ​​starting the fall with the end of one of its most refreshing comedies. Sex Educationwhich will release the fourth season on September 21 with the promise of a formula change, in the midst of closing Mordale and with the transfer of students to another university, more liberal than the one to which his fans are accustomed. Sooner or later, the third season will be released on the platform That bridgertonsin which Nicholas Coughlan AND Colin Bridgerton they are the main couple.

Success Shonda Rhimes will reorder the literary saga of Julia Quinn and it seems that Rare Jean Page may return. The comedy continues on other platforms with a triumphant return on HBO extension Max From Khaki, the third season of which was supposed to be released in May last year, but was postponed indefinitely due to a strike by Hollywood writers. Still full of humor, but striding into the realm of mid-level detectives, he’s finally here. Poker facesensational series of murder cases, Ryan Johnson With Natasha Lyonnewhich, after nine months of delay, a near-perfect review score and four Emmy nominations, will finally be seen in Spain on skyshowtime from 20 September. A more light-hearted crime, this time with white-collar robberies, will appear in October in the series’ third season. Lupineend of the long wait from June 2021 to meet the character again Lobster Sai and his intention to change his life outside of France. The miniseries is announced with the added prestige of major Hollywood actors. That Mode (HBO Max) marks Kate Winslet’s return to the small screen after success Sea from Easttown, as the protagonist of a fictional work that turns her into a dictator and takes place inside a building in a European country where the social order is starting to crumble. A release date has not yet been set. lady in the lake will gather none other than Natalie Portman AND Lupita Nyongor in an adaptation of Laura Lippman’s novel of the same name about a housewife who becomes an investigative reporter after a crime in 1960s Baltimore. It will be available soon on Apple TV+a platform that remains true to its pedigree after triumphs such as blocked Up with Devil last year. World War II is once again being talked about in two highly successful projects. November 2 Netflix preview The light you can’t seedrama based on the novel Anthony Dorr, a Pulitzer Prize-winning film set in Nazi-occupied France, in a four-episode miniseries. Moreover, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks join forces again after they made their mark on television with Blood brothers and the Pacific. Now they bring a third spiritual part into it. Air Masters (Apple TV+), which tells the true story of a group of Allied bomber pilots, a theme that the director fantastically touched on in his episode of the series. Amazing Fairy tales. On October 12, the expected film will also return to the screens. Fall of the House of Usher From Mike Flanaganthis will be his last farewell to Netflix, a variation on his haunted house stories after Curse of the Hill house which adapts the master of the genre Edgar Allan By And How The Curse of Bly Manor did with Henry Jameswill use the main story as a semi-anthology continent for several stories in the series.
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