What to do if the USB port gets wet, learn these tips! Guide 2023

What should I do if the USB interface gets wet? You might think this is a ridiculous question. You might think of a memory stick used on a PC or the connector on a printer. Isn’t it illogical that they have moisture in them?However, if we talk about mobile connector.

Nowadays, many smartphone models are waterproof.grateful Intellectual Property Certification, users can rest more easily if their phone ends up being flooded. Now, what about USB ports? What if it gets wet?The editor below will bring you relevant information What to do if your mobile connector gets wet And maintain a certain humidity.

What should I do when it is detected that the USB port is wet? (and what not to do)

Some brands that sell a large number of waterproof devices, such as Samsung, have Mechanism to detect USB moisture. This way, when the phone is submerged in water or exposed to water splashes, a message will appear in the notification area to remind you that moisture has been detected in the charging port.

What should you do in these situations?We will analyze some of the most recommended programs Avoid damaging your device. I also show you what you must avoid. It is especially important to consider these tips if you want to avoid irreversible failure of your terminal.

Do not charge the device

The first and most important thing to do is to disconnect the device from the power source. This way, You will avoid short circuits or sparks caused by contact with water Use electricity. It is crucial to remove the cable as soon as possible as this will greatly increase your chances of avoiding serious consequences.

You probably don’t have to put it in the rice

If you receive an on-screen warning that your device’s USB is wet, it’s most likely Terminal works fine. That is, it’s not an internal problem due to water, but rather some particles remaining in the connector.

It might be a good idea to soak it in rice for a few days if the equipment requires it it went out completely because it was submerged. However, with the USB wet, this process can make the situation worse by introducing dust and other elements into the port. If everything is fine with your device, except that the USB port is detecting moisture, it’s best to leave the rice aside.

Do not shake or hit the device

I don’t recommend it either Shake the device vigorously. This operation may displace or misplace certain delicate components, such as the stabilization system of a photographic sensor. Additionally, if the humidity is inside the port, you most likely won’t achieve anything.

If you should avoid shaking your device, you shouldn’t knock it either.Both They are ineffective solutions to the problems we analyze here.. The desperation caused by the continuous “USB Damp” notifications might make you think that vigorously shaking or tapping the terminal is a good idea. However, don’t forget that sometimes this alert is related to a false positive or system error.

Try using a clean, dry cloth.

A clean, dry cloth is a great tool for removing surface moisture.Try to find one that is lint-free and has absorbent material. Once you have it, gently push it through the charging port, always avoiding putting pressure on it.

place it in airflow

When the inside of the USB port gets wet, it is best to place it in a ventilated place.For example, you can Use a fan or place your phone near a window. Any remaining water will most likely evaporate within a few minutes.

However, avoid applying very hot airflow to the device, such as that produced by a hair dryer.Too high a temperature may Damage certain components or weaken the adhesion of materials between pieces.

Remove the lid to remove all moisture

do not forget Remove the case from the device Eliminate any traces of moisture as much as possible. Some caps are very thick and can prevent you from cleaning the port properly. It’s also possible that the case itself is preventing the liquid from evaporating in other areas, even causing it to occasionally reach the USB port.

Use compressed air, but do not blow into the port

A compressed air gun can be used to thoroughly clean wet USB ports.However, using tools with these characteristics is not the same as blow into mouth. If you choose the latter, you run the risk of your port getting wet with saliva.

Restart device

Once you have followed the steps mentioned in the previous points, my advice is Completely reboot the device. This way you force the operating system to do the proper checks again. Even if you resolve the USB moisture issue, the notification may still appear.

On the other hand, if wet USB alerts appear indiscriminately, even if the device is not wet, ideally Update operating system. This may be a software bug. If you don’t have a new version of Android, it’s best to reset your device.

How long does it take for USB port to dry out? We can answer that if you clean it with isopropyl alcohol it only takes a few seconds.

And you, have you ever USB moisture issues on your device? How did you solve these problems? Leave your opinion in the comments. We understand you!

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