What to watch on Netflix: Movies and TV series

After a long day of work or a hectic day of commitments, there is nothing better than having a little rest, with your beloved half or alone. combo sofa-netflix It’s more convincing than a Linus cover. if we consider the vastness of List Regarding the platform, we can say that we have a wide range of content to choose the right movie or TV series to start with.

what to watch on netflix, we suggest best title Between movies and TV series, great classics and new releases.

What to watch on Netflix: Movies

Netflix makes a wide range of great movies available to its users. Great classics, suspense, horror and drama films, but also many international and Italian comedies. Who to choose? if you love style Imagination and you are indifferent, we recommend a movie marathon by harry potterAll are available for streaming.

one of the most anticipated movies dunewith film Timothée Chalamet And pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro. But let’s see based on which movies to watch Type.

what to watch on netflix

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Movies to absolutely watch on Netflix: Action

i for action movie we suggest you murder mystery, An actioner seasoned with a good dose of comedy, available in two segments, one sees Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston as a hero and met with great success.

we also find red notice among the latest releases, with Ana de Armas, The Rock And Ryan Reynolds; But gray man Together Ryan Gosling And john wick 3 (the fourth volume is in the cinema) with Keanu Reeves,

What to watch on Netflix: Horror & Thriller

Netflix knows how to pull out some real gems when it comes to horror and thriller, Suspense full and restless movies. between them a quiet place one of the best with Emily Blunt and the wife who navigates a post-apocalyptic world populated by sinister creatures. we find the same anxious mood inside bird boxesmasterpiece of suspense Sandra Bullock,

italian movies to watch on netflix

What to watch on Netflix? Italian cinema will give you many surprises! among the best titles we could find it was the hand of god Together Tony ServilloBut it was time of and with Edward Leo, if you love couple Luca Marinelli – Alessandro Borghiwhat we recently saw in the cinema eight mountainsyou have to see do not be naughty (the first film that sees them together).

Together 18 gifts You’ll laugh and cry during the dramatic comedy like a cat on the ring road He will be able to win over you. watch this if you want to laugh toll tollirreverent comedy of checo zalone,

What to watch on Netflix: Titles to recover

what movies creed That we can totally recover on Netflix? delicate and deep Will Hunt – Rebel Genius A must watch: Exceptional cast, engaging story, it will impress you without a doubt. calm down too interrupted girlswith all female film Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder and mourned her britney murphy,

if you haven’t seen a star is born Together Lady Gaga you’re probably the only one left, the same goes for the last Knives Out – Dinner With Guilt, Give yourself the pleasure of watching a touching and very intense film by choosing the green Mile as an evening movie.

What to watch on Netflix: TV series

what to watch on netflix

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What is best tv series on netflix, riding the wave ofPublicity Which is also being revised on social, see out to sea, the all-Italian series that has toured the world. between Masterpiece titles stand out like strange thingsloved by young and old, breaking bada true masterpiece, Crowncontroversial and daring, paper houseDramatic and engaging peaky blindersCaptivating and vintage handjob bridgertonromantic and costumed e big bang theoryDistinguished to say the least.

Watch for a good dose of suspense perfect crime rulesfour laughs you choose working mothersto reflect instead 15-20And keep playing to keep up with the times Wednesday,

What to watch on Netflix: New Releases

What news is boiling in the pot for the month of May? between most awaited movies There is no doubt about it Motherthe one who watches action movies Jennifer Lopez hero. queen charlottespin-off series bridgertonWe’ve been waiting for it and after a magical first look it’s finally available in the catalog Elodies and its flagship performance.

is another controversial and period series queen cleopatraa docu-series produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, Among other novelties, the series stands out Tailora fun play, love villagean American-style reality show, and SanctuaryA series on sumo for all to see in one sitting.

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