What was Peron’s childhood like: when and where he was born

Myth and reality are intertwined in the story Juan Domingo Peron, one of Argentina’s most iconic leaders.his place of birthWhat should have been a simple answer turned into a mystery worthy of mystery.In this article we will review some facts Peron’s origin, childhood and family.

The birth of a leader

Most Argentines believe that Juan Domingo Perón was born in the city of Lobos, located at 1380 Buenos Aires Street.However, recent research has shed light on this mystery and raised doubts His true birthplace.

Based on historical documents and family stories, everyone believes Juan Domingo Peron was born on a half-finished ranch in Roque Pérez. His father, Mario Tomás Perón, a doctor and veteran of the Paraguayan War, arrived in Lobos to be treated for pneumonia. There he met Juana Sosa Toledo, a Creole of Tehuelche and Spanish descent. The couple moved to a ranch in Roque Perez and were married in September 1901. They have two children: Avellino Mario and Juan Domingo.

Peronism considers the Lobos family to be the birthplace of Juan Domingo Peron and the origin of the leader. The facade of the house was covered with commemorative plaques, but they were removed after the 1976 military coup. In fact, the house belonged to the Moore family and had no connection with the Peron family.

To register a birth in the area, families must cross the Salado River to Lobos, about 35 kilometers away. Some biographers, such as Enrique Pavón Pereyra and Hipólito Barreriro, Some believe that Peron was born in 1893, while others believe that his birth date was October 8, 1895.based on his baptismal certificate in Lobos, giving the name Juan Domingo Sosa.

Peron’s life changed after his marriage; His father moved to Santa Cruz to seek fortune, and the family followed him. However, the extreme climate caused them to migrate further north, reaching the province of Chubut. There, as Peron often recalled, he learned to ride a horse before walking.

In 1904, at the insistence of his grandmother Dominga Duterte, Perón and his brother were sent to Buenos Aires to study.during that timelives in Ramos Mejia and his grandfather’s house. He studied at District 1 School and later at Nuestra Señora de la Merced Parish School.

Juan Domingo Peron’s Childhood

Peron’s life took an unexpected turn when he discovered the skull of the famous Gaucho Juan Moreira in his grandmother’s house. The gruesome discovery was given to his grandfather and became a source of entertainment for the young Peron.

His education at the military academy

His grandmother, Dominga Dutey, played a crucial role in ensuring Juan Domingo Perón’s power Even though he is his biological son, he can be admitted to the military academy. It was she who insisted they name him Juan Domingo.

Although he was initially interested in studying medicine, influenced by his classmates, he chose to join the military. Admitted to Army University in 1911. Due to his excellent grades, he received a scholarship.

Juan Domingo Peron as a young man

Perón’s life moved on, and in 1916 he voted for Hipólito Yrigoyen in the first presidential election under the Záenz Peña Law. After being widowed by his first wife Aurelia “Potota” Tizónvisited the Roque Perez Ranch where he was born and remembered his humble beginnings.

The mystery surrounding Juan Domingo Peron’s birthplace may never be fully solved. However, regardless of the exact place of his birth, his legacy lives on in the memory of Argentines. The image of Peron remains a fundamental pillar of Argentine history and a subject of interest and debate for current and future generations.

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