What will be the 2023/2024 COVID-19 and influenza vaccination campaigns: dates and requirements

The Public Health Commission has given assurances that it has approved the plan vaccination campaign As they announced, this year will be Joining forces to fight influenza and covid-19. Likewise, it was also agreed that immunization against the following diseases is recommended: respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)cause bronchiolitis risk babies and up to 6 months.

When will the vaccination campaign start?

The 2023/2024 vaccination campaign has been brought forward to the end of September.Specifically, it will start Week of September 25th and will be available during October.

This is the third event Flu and COVID-19 vaccines They are co-managed.In addition, it is also related to Coronavirus cases increase This is what has happened over the past few weeks.

Who must be vaccinated?

healthy Vaccination recommended For the following groups:

  • this Over 60 years old.
  • people More than 5 years internal structure of rEssence and center Disability or institutionalized in some way extend.
  • resident in Closed institution.
  • this Under 60 years old In dangerous conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or kidney disease.
  • female pregnant During any trimester of pregnancy.
  • those women They just had a baby.
  • this Immunosuppressed cohabitant.
  • staff of Public and private health and social care centers (Except for students who are recommended to receive only the flu vaccine).
  • workers basic public services.

In itself, Flu vaccine It is also recommended for the following people:

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  • people 5 to 59 years oldHigher risk of complications (including 5 years old and 18 years old who receives treatmentTake with acetylsalicylic acid and smokers).
  • this intern In the center Health and social well-being.
  • people and Direct occupational contact with animals or their secretions Poultry, swine, mink or wildlife farms or operations.
  • this Children 6 to 59 months.

respiratory syncytial virus vaccine

RSV vaccine is expected to Infants under 6 months and babiesThere are risks, e.g. Premature babies less than 35 weeksand severe immunosuppressionand Down syndrome or palliative carewait.

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