What’s Alex Guerrero doing now that Tom Brady is out of the NFL?

Tom Brady retired from the NFL but stayed out of the spotlight. Lately, he’s been busy podcasting, hanging out in the owners’ box with Robert Kraft at New England Patriots games, and serving as a “strategic advisor” to Delta Air Lines.

However, the man who has been by Brady’s side for most of his NFL career has been less visible. Alex Guerrero, known as Brady’s “body coach,” hasn’t posted on his former Twitter account since 2021, and his Instagram account has been dormant since February. But a press release issued this week announced his latest effort.

According to a press release, Guerrero has teamed up with Dr. Peter Cummings, considered a “preeminent expert in the field of motor neuroscience,” to launch a company called TBRx that will be “focused on advancing the TB12 approach and expanding its reach” through strategic partnerships Partnerships and a comprehensive continuing education platform. “

TB12 is a company founded by Guerrero and Brady that provides products, coaching and injury rehabilitation services centered around the holistic techniques Guerrero has developed over thirty years. (The name comes from Brady’s initials and his NFL jersey number.) While some believe Guerrero’s teachings have no scientific basis, the “TB12 method” has found its way into public schools in Massachusetts and Florida.

The new company will focus on pain management, combining “manual manual therapy with functional movement exercises to rapidly promote healing and eliminate pain, allowing individuals to achieve full-body recovery and continue to pursue their passions longer,” according to a press release. .

It is unclear whether TBRx is officially affiliated with TB12 Sports. There is no mention on the TB12 Sports website or social media accounts (although there is a recipe for a pumpkin spice protein smoothie using TB12 plant-based protein powder).

But Brady did give his approval to the press release, saying, “Throughout my career, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Alex’s total body recovery approach. It has allowed me to maintain peak performance levels year after year. TBRx will undoubtedly extend the benefits of this approach to many others, allowing them to thrive on and off the field.”

Three locations will open on October 1 — Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida, and an unspecified city in Nevada, according to the TBRx website. It also said TBRx coaching will be available at three locations in Utah (Draper, Orem and Farmington), with future locations including Boston, New York City and Bangor, Maine.

Guerrero, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, began a career as a massage therapist in Los Angeles as a newlywed, initially accepting donations instead of a flat fee. He studied Chinese medicine and developed a theory of health based on ancient wisdom, massage and nutrition, and began working with athletes, many of whom said he helped them when others could not.

Cummings’ LinkedIn profile states that he is a senior medical advisor to TB12 Sports and previously worked in forensic pathology (his handle on X is “@forensicpathdoc”).

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