When Michael Jordan messaged Stephen A. Smith at 5:54 a.m. to disagree with Stephen Curry’s “GOAT point guard” narrative

Once upon a time, NBA legend Michael Jordan sent a 146-word long message to Stephen A. Smith at 5:54 a.m., disagreeing with a statement Smith made on the show. The 146-character long message became the talk of the internet because it involved another NBA star, Stephen Curry. But what did Stephen A. Smith say that prompted Michael Jordan to send him a text message in the early hours of the morning? Let’s take a look!

The backstory of Michael Jordan’s 5:54 a.m. message to Stephen A. Smith

The series begins with Stephen Curry appearing on Gilbert Arenas’ Gil’s Arena podcast on August 21, 2023. During a podcast, Stephen Curry was asked if he was the greatest point guard the NBA has ever seen. Stephen Curry paused, and after a few seconds, said “yes.” The next day, Stephen A. Smith agreed to the same thing on ESPN’s First Take. Stephen A. Smith also agrees that Stephen Curry is indeed the greatest point guard ever, even better than Magic Johnson.

Stephen A. Smith’s statement reaches NBA legend Michael Jordan, especially someone better than Magic Johnson statement. Michael Jordan sent a 146-word message to Smith at approximately 5:54 a.m. on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. Jordan’s message was polite but seemed like a powerful rebuttal to his preference for Magic Johnson over the better point guard Stephen Curry. Not only that, but Michael Jordan asked Stephen A. Smith to read the message aloud. That’s what Smith did on ESPN’s First Take live show.

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146-word message from Michael Jordan to Stephen A. Smith

During an appearance on ESPN’s First Take live show, Stephen A. Smith revealed the details of Michael Jordan’s 5:54 a.m. text. Michael Jordan said: “Good morning, sir. Although the greatest player is always up for debate, I beg to differ with what you said about the greatest point guard of all time. Magic Johnson is undoubtedly the best of all time. point guard. Stephen Curry is very close, but not in front of the Magic. You have to define point guard to really have a serious debate.”

The NBA legend further added: “Stephen Curry is by far the best shooter. Yes, his movement creates a lot of shooting opportunities for his teammates. His career three-point shooting percentage is 43%. But Magic Johnson invented the triple-double.” It wasn’t invented, but its impact on the game was more obvious. Honestly, this is a stat for a point guard. ”

Michael Jordan ended his message by saying, “The Magic are the best. We could go on, but I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I know you get it. By the way, Magic has won the NBA championship five times.”

For those unfamiliar, Michael Jordan played during Johnson’s prime, and Jordan defeated him in the 1991 NBA Finals. So it will be interesting to see how Michael Jordan sides with Magic Johnson even as they go against each other.

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