When Tom Brady sets an NFL record with five touchdown passes in one quarter, the record may never be broken

Tom Brady’s storied NFL career has been an achievement unparalleled in the history of the sport. Fourteen years ago, the former quarterback accomplished a feat so remarkable that he threw for five touchdowns in just one quarter. This incredible single quarter performance still stands intact today.

Tom Brady’s record hasn’t been broken by anyone in the past 14 years

Tom Brady holds the record for most touchdown passes in a quarter, and so far no one has come close. The NFL legend set the record 14 years ago (2009) against the Tennessee Titans.

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As early as 2009, Tom Brady played for the New England Patriots and set this outstanding record on October 18 while playing for this team. The game was the New England Patriots versus the Tennessee Titans, who were 0-5 that season and looking for their first win.

In the second quarter, Tom Brady couldn’t stop himself from connecting with his receivers in the end zone and finished with five total touchdowns in the quarter. With these five touchdown passes, he set a record for the most touchdown passes by a quarterback in a single quarter.

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In that productive second quarter, Brady threw touchdown passes of 28 and 40 yards to Randy Moss. He also connected with Wes Welker for two touchdowns of 5 and 30 yards respectively. To end the scoring drive, Brady hit Kevin Faulk for a 38-yard touchdown pass, his fifth pass of the quarter.

After Tom Brady’s stellar performance, the team entered the locker room with a 45-0 lead at halftime. In the third quarter, Brady connected with Moss again and successfully passed a 9-yard touchdown pass.

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The game ended 59-0, with backup quarterback Brian Hoyer scoring the final touchdown in the final minute of the third quarter. However, 14 years later, no one has come close to breaking Brady’s record.

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