When was the last time LeBron James played in a preseason game?

LeBron James has spent three different decades in the NBA so far. He has played in 1,421 regular season games to date before the 2023-24 season. On top of that, if we add 284 playoff games, he has played 1,705 games on his home court so far. By comparison, Robert Parish played 1,795 games in a career spanning 21 seasons. Therefore, Lyndon Johnson was most likely to succeed him within a few years. Considering his never-ending peak, he will still be a significant contributor.

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What about preseason? When was the last time Lyndon Johnson played in a preseason game?

LeBron James continues to play hard


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The Lakers have been lackluster in the past few preseason games, losing 90% of their games. Lyndon Johnson last played in a preseason game last season. It was mid-October, and the Lakers lost to the rising Kings by 47 points. In that game, king james Played only 18 minutes and scored 10 points and 5 rebounds. This is an important part of the preseason where teams are looking for the final pieces of their rotation. A starter or star player is just warming up and quits early.

Considering James will turn 39 in December, he will be looking to conserve energy for the 2023-24 regular season and potential playoffs. Interestingly, the poor preseason performance has carried over into the regular season the past two seasons. While preseason games may not seem like much value, they are a good way to evaluate glaring weaknesses.

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So while they may not be a barometer of long-term success, winning early can do wonders for a team. The Lakers face a lot of risk, and like every season, their goal is to get off to a good start. Considering their core of players now have some winning experience under their belts, they could be off to a good start.


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So, what does their schedule look like?

Lakeshow will play six preseason games. They will begin on October 7 against the Golden State Warriors.

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Interestingly, they will play the Warriors twice. In addition, they will face the Nets and Bucks, and end their preseason trip against the Phoenix Suns on October 19. In the regular season, they faced a tough draw right from the start. They will face the defending champion Denver Nuggets on October 24th. They were swept in four games in the conference finals. They will then face the Phoenix Suns on October 26th, possibly in a showdown between James and Durant. Let’s see how the team gets started early.


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