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When will Oceania 2 be released? This is what fans of the Disney film are asking about, eager to see the second chapter. But they will have to wait a couple more years.

When will Oceania 2 be released?

“Oceania 2” will be released June 27, 2025.

The spot previously reserved for the untitled film on July 2, 2025 will now be filled by Oceania, a feature film rescheduled to June 27, 2025. Earlier this year, during a webcast of Disney’s 2023 annual shareholder meeting, Dwayne Johnson confirmed the project and reprized the role. At the time, the actor made it clear that the project was “at an early stage” and there was still a lot to be done.

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The cartoon tells about the main character Oceania. adventurous teenager and boss’s daughterwho, having been chosen by the ocean, embarks on a journey to save her people. There, she meets the once-powerful demigod Maui, who helps her become a master tracker while defining her own identity and place in the world.

Thanks to their fantastic numbers and strong performances, the film became an instant hit among fans, although details about the upcoming film are scarce at the moment. After the success of The Little Mermaid with live action, it will be interesting to see how Disney brings the film to the big screen.

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