Where can I get a COVID-19 or flu self-diagnostic test?

The hero of this Christmas is the virus. Cases of influenza, COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) or the common cold have increased across Spain in recent weeks.

Although they already existed, during the pandemic, antigen tests were discovered that can determine infection by: SARS-CoV-2and also for influenza. Pharmacies across the country are in high demand.

But what do we do once we use these tests? Can they be recycled? Should we take them to the pharmacy?

To clear up this doubt, the head of SIGRE (a non-profit entity responsible for ensuring the correct environmental management of expired or unused medicines and their packaging produced in Spanish households) explains which medicines or products should be brought to pharmacies. To recycle and what not to recycle.

Medications require special handling to protect health and the environment. Sigre.

Where can I get a Covida-19 or flu self-diagnostic test?

So, the first thing we need to be clear about is that these tests that have already been used should not be brought to our pharmacy SIGRE points, why? Because according to the entity, these tests are not considered drugs.

So which bucket do we throw it into?Well, drug recycling experts explain that these tests They should be thrown into the regular trash.also known as the waste fraction, we discard waste that is generated at home and cannot be recycled.

  • But before throwing them away, we must not forget to place the test plates, vials containing the liquid and the sticks used to perform the test in a bag with the biological ingredient logo that comes with the test. This way they can be stored more safely in waste containers. SIGRE insists: “Under no circumstances should this waste be brought to SIGRE points as it is not a medicine.”

Of course, the boxes of these tests and the plastic in which they are introduced (made of plastic and paper) must be thrown into the corresponding containers: blue for the cardboard box and instructions for use, yellow for the cardboard box and instructions for use.Bags, plastic, etc.

Expired drugs must reach the SIGRE point. Sigre.

What medical products should not be brought to SIGRE Points?

We all have an accumulation of medications or supplements at home. But when we place an order in our medicine cabinet, we have to consider that not everything in the dispensary is recyclable.

To clarify this, experts in recycling medical products provide a list of all the items we should not bring to SIGRE points:

  • this mask.

  • The needle that comes with the syringe.

  • thermometer.

  • Healing materials, such as gauze or bandages.

  • Nutritional products sold in pharmacies.

  • probe.

  • X-rays.

  • Glucose meter.

  • Chemical products or reagents.

  • Any home diagnostic test, whether for Covid-19, flu, pregnancy or HIV.

Medicines must be stored with boxes and leaflets. Sigre.

What to bring when going to a pharmacy SIGRE point

The following health products should always be stocked at pharmacy SIGRE points:

  • Medications that have expired or been improperly maintained.

  • Those medications that are left over after we complete treatment, such as antibiotics. All of these are included in their packaging and come with their respective boxes and leaflets.

  • Empty medicine containers. The director of SIGRE points out that we also need to fully recycle the medicines we end up with, including cartons, plastic or aluminum blisters, glass bottles, envelopes, inhalers, vials, tubes, ointments, etc.

And all of these containers, “because they have been in contact with pharmaceutical substances, require special handling to protect our health and the environment.”

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