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No sooner had the concert been announced than the hunt for a ticket for Travis Scott to the Circus Maximus began immediately. A pre-sale of what promises to be the definitive show of the Roman summer, either because of the greatness of the character (one of the most famous and popular rap artists in the entire world) or because the meeting closes the season (which has set a record: only in Circus Maximus sold more than 230,000 tickets for this year’s concerts, waiting for Max Pezzali and his “Circo Max” scheduled for September 2, after his return from vacation), they left this morning at 10, when subscribers of the MyLiveNation platform – under the company’s management, which organizes the concerts of Travis Scott, one of the giants of live entertainment around the world, were able to get the first tickets on sale for a meeting where on Monday, August 7, the 32-year-old American rapper will conquer the ancient Roman stadium. Prices range from 57.50 euros for a show in a pit a few meters from the rapper under the stage, to 46 euros for the rest of the area. The pre-sale will continue until 10am tomorrow, Thursday, August 3rd when general sales on Ticketmaster, TicketOne and VivaTicket begin.

Travis Scott, hip-hop gladiator, lands at the Circus Maximus: American rapper unexpectedly announces a show in Rome

Travis Scott (surprise) at the Circus Maximus where to buy tickets

“Italy, I’ll be back soon,” Travis Scott said on June 30 last year from the stage of the Snai La Maura racecourse in Milan in front of 80,000 spectators. No one could have imagined that the 32-year-old American rapper would return to our country so soon. The show at Circus Maximus will be Travis Scott’s first global date since the release of last Friday’s Utopia, which has been hitting the charts day after day. Gathering millions of plays (it surpassed 300 million plays on Spotify worldwide in five days). And break records. At exactly midnight between last Thursday and Friday, when the recording was uploaded to Spotify, multiple simultaneous attempts to listen to it caused the platform to crash. Not only that: in the day after the release of “Utopia”, 19 tracks of the album collected about 128.5 million plays on Spotify alone, and this figure allowed Travis Scott’s fourth album to become the most listened to of all. year in the first 24 hours after its release. Beat Pink Tape by Lil Uzi Vert, which a month ago, June 30, “stopped”, so to speak, at around 53.4 million plays. “Utopia” also took the podium of the most streamed rap records on Spotify in the first 24 hours, surpassing the 100 million streams received last year by “Mr. Morals and Big Steps” by Kendrick Lamar, earning a bronze medal behind Drake’s “Certified Lover” with 153 million streams and Drake’s “Scorpio” with 132 million.

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Rapper with the soul of a gladiator

Under these assumptions, Monday’s concert at the Circus Maximus will be a world-class event that will feature a location that inspired one of the songs contained in Utopia, “The Circus Maximus” (as the rapper also called the visionary film). shown in US theaters at the same time as the album was released on platforms), it seems that this is not a coincidence: in the song, recorded together with The Weeknd and Swae Lee, Travis Scott refers to himself as a gladiator forced to entertain the crowd. That is what he will do as a rap star in the ancient Roman stadium, captivating the audience who will not miss the meeting. Rome will once again become the capital of the world, thanks to a show that will attract the interest of the international media. To launch his new album, Travis Scott originally announced a live worldwide concert scheduled for last Friday in the shadow of the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, which was later canceled due to lack of permits and controversy. In recent days, the rapper has been seeding online with clues regarding a performance in Pompeii, where, in addition, he was also spotted on July 16 and 17 last year with a film crew. However, in the end, Jacques Bermont Webster II, such is the real name of the artist, with assets estimated at 80 million dollars, chose Rome.

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He has been at the center of controversy several times – in 2021 at his AstroWorld festival in Houston, a tragedy killed 8 people, including children aged 9 to 14, and the rapper was the subject of conspiracy theories circulated on social media that accused him . about Satanism and talked about what happened as if it were human sacrifice – Travis Scott changed the course of hip-hop by releasing a series of groundbreaking albums that allowed him to sell millions of copies worldwide and receive a Grammy Award nomination for the year from 2017 to present time. . On the Circus Maximus stage, Travis Scott – a versatile artist who is also active in fashion and entrepreneurship, as the founder of the Cactus Jack record company – will bring his latest recording project to life, proving once again that he is an innovator capable of taking his music to an even higher level. level.

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