Which Taylor Swift song are you? Find out with our test!

Which song by pop queen Taylor Swift is your favorite? Now you can find out thanks to our test!

queen of pop Taylor Swift Its going on it has 10 ages Will continue to treat us to her music on her worldwide “ERAS Tour” starting March 17, 2023 and until August 17, 2024. American singer-songwriters will come also in Italy on the dates of Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July 2024 At San Siro Stadium! Swift will be singing in front of thousands of fans and we’re already obsessing over all the songs! But what if we told you that we have a surprise waiting for us? If you want to find out which song from the singer’s discography is most suitable for you, you can test yourself with our test!

As already mentioned, taylor tour based on his career historyfrom his debut in the music world our songuntil their latest album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), The program has a dual nature, it is introspective as the artist journeys within himself, but it is also engaging, as he will also bring his fan-base along during “stages” of this journey.

From the Folklore Age to the Midnight Age! You just have to figure out which song you’ll be belting out during her concert quick and easy test, Don’t worry if you missed our tests, there are plenty of tests: “Are you more Barbie or Bratz?” “How well do you know Carlotta Fiasella?”, you are not up to the polls. We can’t wait to hear your results and above all don’t forget to tag us in stories!

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