White sneakers are the most popular in footwear

We’ve been obsessed with sneakers, that’s clear, and even if the trend is now declining a bit, one constant remains solid: we can’t give up the White shoes. Although almost all sports footwear is also released in shades of black, these are often not preferred, in fact, are devalued and unwelcome.

One of the main reasons why we have come to appreciate white shoes late is probably because we have been repeatedly told that they do they get dirty very easily, and therefore it was absolutely not worth buying a pair. Growing up, however, tastes change, and greater economic and decision-making independence has led us to prefer light-colored shoes.

Louis Vuitton LV Trainer White

Sneakers are part of everyone’s wardrobe, this is because they are footwear in particular versatile, easily available and with prices suitable for all budgets. Anyone who is even slightly aware of the importance of a good appearance, and of all that derives from it, knows that the first garment by which a style is judged is precisely the sneakers. Unlike top and bottom items, shoes can completely change a look: by choosing a more eccentric pair, for example, you can elevate the whole figure, or on the contrary, by choosing a white pair, you can give allure clean and gently to your own style.

The most versatile item is definitely a pair of white sneakers, whether you’re going for a run, or to the supermarket, university, a party or a not too serious ceremony, they’re right for you. Their boom can be seen during the 80s, and since then it has been impossible not to own at least a couple: Air Force 1, Stan Smith, Reebokand the like have appeared at everyone’s feet.

Many, on the net, have nicknamed them “effortlessly chic“, just scroll through the various sub-Reddits. An effortless chic touch, an easy way to look well-groomed and fashionable, even if maybe you don’t care at all, and precisely because we all grow up with the prejudice that they get dirty easily, wearing a pair of total white sneakers can give you an effect of amazement and surprise, especially when around you they prefer footwear in other chromatic shades or with patterns.

In the last 7 years, since the beginning of the diffusion of theathleisure, or that trend against the classic stylistic features for which it is possible to wear items born for sport in more glamorous contexts, then the sales of white sneakers literally soared. Sneakers and their diffusion have reached the top of the mainstream, and so on Hailee Steinfeld, Jenni Falconer, Lindsay Lohan, Emily Ratajkowski.e Nina Dobrev they started showing them off on their Instagram feeds.

According to some, there are also reasons of a social nature behind the choice of white sneakers. There would be three main lines of thought: first of all this choice could reflect one strong and unique personality, especially since, as already mentioned, white shoes have not always been so preferred over other types of footwear. Another very important aspect is the idea of ​​transmitting a vision of oneself as much as possible “clean”, clean, pure, transparent. Finally, the third motivation is to be rediscovered in a way of life “cosy”comfortable, someone who feels at ease with appearance, and who isn’t afraid to indulge in a more relaxed style.

New Balance White

Always surfing the net, there would also be a strong prejudice against sneakers total black. Many people believe that all-black footwear is boring, can distort the shape of the foot, and denotes a lack of personality. The other common sentiment associated with it concerns the idea of ​​low-quality footwear, even though it may be branded, and according to many this would depend on the association with the first shoes that our parents bought us, or with those that some professionals would wear, such as catering workers.

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