Who and what do the children of Madonna, David Banda, Rocco Richie and Lourdes

all about madonna kids
Madonna, here’s who the kids are (Photo: Ansa/Instagram Profile Official Madonna) Velvetmusic.it

Madonna is the mother of six children whom she is very close to: who are they and what do they all do? Here are some curiosities about him.

the singer is definitely One of the most loved music on the world music scene, And has been able to attract the attention of the general public since its inception. In fact, there are innumerable songs of his, all of which have been veritable hits, which are still hummed by millions even after many years.

However, in his life there is not only work, but also love and family. Indeed, the American artist has six childrenThree of whom are adults and very successful.

Who are Madonna’s first three children: all about them

Two of the singer’s many children are natural: Lourdes and Rocco Richie. Instead others are adopted in Malawi. Eldest daughter Lourdes – who is also the most famous – was actually born in Los Angeles in 1996, Madonna’s romance with Cuban model Carlos Leon Who was his personal trainer at that time. The very young girl studied at the University of Michigan and followed in her mother’s footsteps, starting a career as a model, dancer and singer. He has also worked with the model on various occasions, such as in video clips. Celebration and during Madame X Tour In 2020 Lourdes has also participated in various advertising campaigns, Ed She was romantically linked to Timothée Chalamet, Today she is engaged to Jonathan Puglia.

who is the son of madonna
Lourdes and Rocco, Madonna’s first children (Photo: Instagram profile Lourdes/Rocco Office) Velvetmusic.it

A second son, Rocco Richie, was born in 2000. From the love story between Madonna and British director Guy Ritchie, The young man is today an artist and painter: his paintings – which are signed under the pseudonym Redd – have actually been displayed in various exhibitions. This passion was probably inherited from his mother, who being a great lover of art, has been collecting paintings and drawings for a long time. He has been attributed to various flirtations such as Kim Turnbull and Ruby Rose. Instead David was born in Malawi in 2005 This is the first child the artist adopted in Africa together with Guy Ritchie, to whom she was still married at the time. He is a footballer and has previously played for Benfica and Juve Academy. He is also a dancer and musician who has often been showcasing his talent on social media.

Then came Mercy, Esther and Stella: their story

In 2006, Madonna adopted Mercy James Chifundo instead. The very young girl attended the Lycee Francais in New York, Ed It is always present on the social profiles of the singer, However, in 2017, came the twins Estere and Stella, who are the youngest children of the house and whom the artist often shows to his fans. In short, you have a huge family.

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