Who are the judges of Amici 2023? Big surprises, here are the names

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Who are the judges of Amici 2023? The evening of Amici 2023 will begin on March 18 and there was great expectation to find out the names of the members of the jury, which have finally been announced.

Who are the judges of Amici 2023?

A real revolution implemented by Maria De Filippi. In fact, the program will no longer see the beloved trio made up of Stash, Emanuele Filiberto and Stefano De Martino. Three other big names will take their place: Michele Bravi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giuseppe Giofrè.

Cristiano Malgioglio

We all know him, he is certainly the most famous judge of the three and one of the most loved characters by the television audience.

Cristiano Malgioglio is 77 years old. In the mid-1960s, after graduating as an accountant, he left Sicily and moved to Genoa. He lives with his sister and works at the post office. In the meantime, he comes into contact with some songwriters such as Gino Paoli, Luigi Tenco and Fabrizio De André. Just De Andrè takes him with him to Milan, getting him an important interview at a record company.

He made his debut as an author in 1972, writing “Amo” for Donatella Moretti. Malgioglio then enters – between 1973 and 1974 – to be part of the Quarto Sistema formation, a group also made up of Roxy Robinson and the Tirelli brothers (the group then reappears with the name Nuovo Sistema without the Tirelli brothers but with Italo Janne.
In 1974, as an author together with Italo Janne, he won the Sanremo Festival with the song “Ciao cara come stai”, interpreted by Iva Zanicchi.

He is also an interpreter of his own texts between the 70s and 80s, alluring and allusive passagessuch as “Peel me” which has become a real catchphrase.

The great television notoriety arrives around the year 2000, with the conduction of the “Casa Raiuno” program, then he is called by Carlo Conti as a columnist for “I recommended”. In the meantime, he continues to release several albums. 2007 is the year of participation in the reality show “L’isola dei Famosi” on Rai 2: Cristiano Malgioglio obtains great success and this experience is followed by the release of the collection in digital format “L’isola che non c’è”. .

In 2017 Cristiano Malgioglio participates in Big Brother Vip, a reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi, still obtaining a great success.

Michael Good

Michele Bravi was born on 19 December 1994 in Città di Castello (Perugia).

From an early age he cultivated a passion for singing, never neglecting the dedication to study, being fascinated and inclined. At a young age Michele is one of the voices of the choir of his city and, to deepen his musical knowledge, he also begins to study piano and guitar. While studying at the classical high school he decides to try his luck and he enrolled in the auditions of the talent show X Factor Italia in 2013 and wins the seventh edition of the talent show.

The popularity of the singer after the victory at X Factor Italia explodes, leading him to collect one hit after another, and fourth place at the 2017 Sanremo Festival. The rising career of the singer is inadvertently disrupted by a bad car accident that sees him personally involved.

In 2020 he returned to the limelight by participating in Special Friends of Maria De Filippi and then at the Sanremo Festival 2021, on the occasion of the evening of duets together with Arisa.

Joseph Giofrè

Born in 1993 in Gioia Tauro, Joseph Giofrè has been living in for some years Los Angeles. In his career he has collaborated with Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez And Nicki Minajby participating in their tours.

In 2011 he entered the school of Friends of Maria De Filippiwinning the dance category and winning a scholarship to perfect her technique at Millennium Dance Complex Of Los Angeles.

Once he finished his academic career, he joined the corps de ballet of the British series The X Factorled by the choreographer Brian Friedman.

In 2013 he also tried his hand at singing career, releasing some singles, produced by the label I’m not old enough Of Mara Maionchi And Alberto Salerno.

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