Who are the Tomato girls and how they revive the Mediterranean style of the 50s and 60s

50s and 60s they are often considered the golden age of sophistication and style, traits that manifested themselves in an obvious and characteristic way even in the summer season. In these decades fashion and lifestyle they reflected a unique combination of class and sophistication. Rediscovering this allure and these offerings, the so-called Tomato Girls are now bringing Italian, French Riviera and Mediterranean elegance back to life on social media. The ever-growing hashtag of the same name on TikTok, with millions of mentions, draws inspiration from that period but is filtered through the modern imagination, loved and shared above all by Gen Z.


link to tomato, the king of Bel Paese cuisine, has little in common with red as it might seem at first glance, although this color is actually present in Tomato Girls’ aesthetic choices. Rather, it is associated with the collective ritual of picking tomatoes in the sun, evokes authenticity and naturalness as opposed to artificial and engineered superstructures, returns the pleasure of small things, simple but irreplaceable. Due to the great success of this trend, it was noticed that in the early summer of 2023, the most requested destinations on Airbnb, the short stay accommodation and room portal, came from the United States and included the gems of the Campania Coast. such as Amalfi and Sorrento.


Rooted in 1950s Happy Days and 1960s Dolce Vita, the Tomato Girls look is a blend of Mediterranean beauty and nostalgia for the past, featuring iconic divas such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and more recently, Monica Bellucci, Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz, as representatives of the elegant and warm southern European style.


OUR strengths of Tomato outfits include dresses that are light and loose, shirts with puffed sleeves, fitted bodices, long and flowing skirts, cotton capri trousers and in general, figure-hugging garments with heart-shaped cutouts and balconettes. In terms of colors, in addition to the classic white, blue and red, we find various shades of green, blue and light blue, fading into hues such as ivory, powdery pink, cream and straw yellow.

Life style

However, in addition to clothes, a real tomato girl is characterized by attitude and attitude towards holidays. For each of them, summer is a hymn to a slow and authentic rhythm, consisting of barefoot walks on the beach, bike rides in the countryside, clothes hung in the sun, musical notes. jazz and gods jukeboxreading, grandma’s traditional cuisinehomemade pasta, fresh vegetables grown in the gardenswimming at sunset, campfires on the beach, sunrises that you can admire alone or in company.

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