WHO: Disease could be more deadly than Gaza bombing

A spokesman for the Gaza Strip said on Tuesday that if the Gaza enclave’s health system does not recover quickly, more people will die from the disease than from the explosion. World Health Organizationwarns of an increase in infectious diseases and childhood diarrhea.

Based on figures considered reliable United Nationshealth authorities ring They say the death toll exceeds 15,000 people More than 6,000 children were killed in Israeli bombardments of the cramped enclave and many more were buried under the rubble.

Israel sworn to destroy HamasGunmen from militant group that rules Gaza attack border, killing some 1,200 people And on October 7, 240 were caught.

“If we fail to restore the health system, more people will end up dying from the disease than from the explosion,” he said. Margaret Harrisfrom the World Health Organization.

Was rated “tragedy” Israeli forces have detained Shifa hospital in northern Gaza over the collapse and expressed concern about some of the hospital’s medical staff.

Harris Reiterates concerns over rising outbreaks infectious diseasesDiarrhea in children in particular, with an increase in cases in children over five years old 100 times the normal level Early November.

“Everyone around the world faces critical health needs because they are hungry, lack clean water and are overcrowded,” he said.

James Elder,spokesman United Nations agencies for childhood in gazatold reporters via video conference that hospitals in the strip were packed with people Burned children and shrapnel wounds and Gastroenteritis from drinking dirty water.

“I’ve met a lot of parents … who know exactly what their children need. They don’t have access to clean water and it’s paralyzing them,” he said.

He described how he saw a boy with part of his leg lying on the hospital floor for hours, receiving no treatment due to a lack of medical staff.

Other injured children lay on makeshift mattresses in parking lots and outside in yards, he said. “Doctors everywhere are having to make terrible decisions about who they prioritize,” he said.

Citing a United Nations report on the living conditions of displaced residents in northern Gaza, Harris “(There is) no medicine, no vaccination campaign, no drinking water and sanitation, no food. We observed a large number of cases of diarrhea in babies,” he said.

He described the collapse of Shifa hospital in northern Gaza as a “tragedy” and expressed concern that some of the injured were being detained.


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