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along with Taylor Swift arrive Argentina, the fans’ anger was outright. For several days, everything related to his life, his music and his arrival in the country has been a hot topic on social networks and existing media.Amid so many doubts, claims and rumors, there were many searches linking the American singer to Lionel Messi.The reason for the link is abnormal. I know what it’s about.

In the past few days, netizens have conducted various searches about this product online. wealth of Taylor Swift and Lionel Messi. To answer this question, economic magazine Bloomberg conducted a survey providing details on the wealth of two celebrities.

Messi injured Inter Milan.jpg

Messi injured at Inter Miami

Messi injured at Inter Miami

Taylor Swift vs. Lionel Messi: Who has the most wealth

The magazine stated fast Net assets have been greater than US$1 billion.they claim their great trip “Journey of Time”will arrive in my country next year November 9, 10 and 11,even November 2024 Will take her almost halfway around the world 100 moreis the fundamental start for their financial growth.

Taylor Swift.jpg

Taylor Swift.

To make the calculation, the magazine added several components: an estimate of about $400 million, song value He re-launched the record from 2019 – when the music he released began to belong to him and he began re-recording the first album after it was still in the hands of his first manager; 80 million Dollar Sell ​​the rights to your music; $370 million concert (includes tickets and merchandise); $120 million Streaming views on YouTube and Spotify; $110 million Five attributes.The total adds up to approximately US$1.08 billion.

It’s worth mentioning that the publication estimates profits based on publicly available data. They thought there might be more profit, but they couldn’t track it.

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Just Jared

In itself, Lionel Messi Net assets are $400 million.Among other benefits, this total includes Base salary $48.2 million per yearafter he joined the new football team, inter miami football club. In turn, he received stakes in the club and a sportswear brand, in addition to his participation in Apple’s MLS season ticket revenue. He also has the option of taking partial ownership of the league teams under his control.

Messi arrives in the United States.webp

Taylor Swift in Argentina: Street closures and how to enter the monument

Boulevard closed on November 8th, 9th and 10th

Total circumference cut between:

  • Libertador Avenue.
  • Udando Avenue
  • Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta.
  • monroe street

You will be able to circulate on the street liberator and monroe And AV. Guillermo Udaondo and av.President Figueroa Alcorta will be restricted.

schedule: From 8:00 on Wednesday, November 8 to 2:00 on Sunday, November 12.

  • AV Total Cuts Guillermo Udaondo between Pres. Figueroa Alcorta and Collector Int. Cantilo.
  • Total revenue reduction from Cantillo International Airport to La Bruna Bridge.
  • Total cuts between Campos Sellers. Del Libertador and av. Guillermo Udaondo, does not affect av. Belong to the liberators.
  • Total cuts Lt. Ricchieri between Del Libertador and av. Guillermo Udaondo, does not affect av. Belong to the liberators.

Schedule: Wednesday, November 8th at 8pm to Sunday, November 12th at 2pm.

In those days, The thoroughfare’s two-way circulation will be extended.President Figueroa Alcorta Performances between Juramento and La Pampa are from Wednesday, November 8th at 8am to Sunday, November 12th at 2pm.

All bus and bypass routes to Monumental

The bus lines to reach the monument are: 15-29-37-42-57-107-130-152 and 160

Routes for which routes will be modified:

  • Line 28 (i): AV. Liberator, Sucre, Montana, La Pampa, AV. President Figueroa Alcorta, Ilha Bridge, its route.
  • Line 28 (v): Continue along av. Cantilo Int. to General Paz Highway.
  • Line 42(i): Echeverría, climb up to Ponte Ilha, this is its route.
  • Line 42(v) and 107(v): Continue av. Int. Cantilo to Av. General Paz, heading down. From Liberator to Juramento and continue its route.
  • Line 12: via av. The Liberator’s Line.

All Ecobici stations near Monumental

The Ecobici stations located near the stadium where bicycles can be collected and returned are:

  • 227 – buenos aires city club
  • 288 – sports secretary
  • 289 – highlander
  • 396 – Alberti Square
  • 250 – Freni
  • 248 – Hussars
  • 375 – college town

As far as they are concerned, station no. 344 “Ditra University” and no. 261 “Kintroslidoro”they will disabled people For collecting and returning bicycles Wednesday, November 8, 8 a.m. to Sunday, November 12, 2 p.m..

How to get to the monument by metro

The nearest metro station to the stadium is Congress of Tucumán of D line. All lines operate on normal timetables. View Emova’s timetable.

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