Who is Benedetta Porcaroli, from “Baby” to Venice with “Aenea”

One of the most outstanding emerging actresses of the modern Italian stage. Benedetta Porcaroli. He is only 25 years old, but he already has a solid path full of success behind him. We recently saw her at eightie Venice Film Festival.


To the cinema ‘Aeneas’ director Pietro Castellittoactually, Porcaroli played the role Eve, in which the protagonist, Castellitto himself, falls in love with the character of the same name from the feature film’s title. For Castellitto Jr., the son of Sergio Castellitto, who was also in the cast, and writer Margaret Mazzantini, this was the second time Lagoon Festivalafter making his debut in 2020 with the film I Am Predators, which won the Orizzonti award for screenplay.


After presenting “Aenea” in the international setting of Venice, Benedetta Porcaroli returned to the set of the series. “Leopard”, which filmed primarily in Sicily and partly in Rome, is now nearing completion. Next to her in this project there is also Maid of Casseldaughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, in the role Angelica Sedara. Kim Rossi Stewart AND Don FabrizioPrince of Salina. Tancredi Falconeri – Saul Nanni, nephew of Fabrizio. Porcaroli is Concettahis cousin, secretly in love with him.


Benedetta Porcaroli from Rome. She was born in the capital in June 1998. He took his first steps into the world of entertainment starting in 2015 on television, in the series “Paradise”. ‘Anything could happen’. The following year, the actress made her big screen debut in the film ‘Perfect Strangers’ Paolo Genovese, who plays the role of the daughter of the two main characters, with a face Kasia Smutniak and Marco Giallini.


Porcaroles became especially popular after 2018when she took on the role Chiara in the movie “Baby”Netflix series inspired by scandal baby ring in the Parioli district of Rome. The plot of three seasons revolves around a group of teenagers, including herself. Chiara and Ludovica (Alice Pagani), comes from a wealthy Roman family and is involved in a child prostitution ring. The series explores their complex lives, their family and social relationships, and the illegal activities in which Chiara, Ludovica and their friends become entangled.

’18 gifts’

In 2020, the actress worked in the cast of the film “18 Gifts” by Francesco AmatoNear Victoria Puccini. He interpreted Anna, the daughter of Elisa (Puccini), who every year on her birthday receives a gift left by her mother. The latter died when her daughter was only one year old. When she turned 18, the young woman, deeply affected by the premature loss of her mother, was involved in an accident. For her role, Benedetta was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the film festival. David Donatello and won David Giovani Award 2021.

Other recent films

Porcaroli played a challenging role in 2021 Donatella Colasanti in the movie “Catholic School” directed by Stefano Mordini, who talks about the brutal massacre that occurred in Circeo. In 2022, he participated in other films such as “Shadow of the Day” by Giuseppe Piccioni, “Amanda” by Carolina Cavalli and “Hummingbird” by Francesca Arcibugi.. She also participated in “The Gospel of Mary” Paolo Zucca, episode c Alessandro Gassmann which we’ll be seeing soon on Sky and the NOW platform.

Private life

After a long history with the actor and director Michelle Alhaikher long-term boyfriend Porcaroli had an intense relationship with Riccardo Scamarciomet on the set of the film “Catholic School”, which lasted about a year, with 2021 until autumn 2022. Scamarcio, who had a long-term affair with Valeria Golino from 2006 to 2018, appears to have returned to his wife, mother of daughter Emily, manager Angharad Voodoo. At the beginning of 2023, there was talk of a connection between Porcaroli and Pietro Castellitto. In summer 2023However, Riccardo and Benedetta were photographed together, which gave rise to rumors about a possible resumption of their relationship. During their separation, the actress apparently had a short affair with Pietro Castellitto.

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