Who is Cameron Diaz’s sister? All about Chimena Diaz

Before Cameron Diaz starred in films such as My sister’s keeper And Bad teacherShe and her older sister Chimaine Diaz grew up in a working-class family in Long Beach, California.

Because of their parents’ financial background and values, Cameron and Chimen learned the importance of hard work at a young age. “We didn’t have privileges – quite the opposite,” Cameron explained Telegraph in 2014. “But we were very happy.”

Charlie’s Angels the star added: “My dad thought having kids was really about the farm mentality. You have kids and they do all the hard work: taking out the trash, picking up dog poop, doing the dishes.”

Their parents’ lessons seem to have paid off in the end. Cameron, of course, has found success as an A-list actress, and Chimena has made a name for herself as a certified fitness instructor and realtor. She is also the mother of four children, to whom Cameron is a loving aunt.

Cameron and Chimene seem to have a special connection. Over the years, Chimena has posted numerous photos of her and her sister enjoying each other’s company on Instagram.

So, who is Chimaine Diaz? Read on to learn all about Cameron Diaz’s sister.

They are from Long Beach, California.

Cameron Diaz and Chimaine Diaz at the 3rd Annual GQ Men of the Year Awards in 1998.

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Cameron and Chimen had a humble upbringing in Long Beach, California, where they were immersed in their father’s Cuban culture. “I grew up with Cuban heritage, Cuban culture, food, language,” the actress reflected in a 2011 interview with Jack Rico.

Their father made sure they understood the importance of teamwork by making them watch football on TV. “Dad didn’t have a son, so my sister and I kind of absorbed his love for sports,” Cameron said. Parade in 2009. “We were watching the game and he was screaming at the top of his lungs.”

She noted that Telegraph“My father encouraged us to do whatever we wanted. I had wonderful parents, they were amazing.”

Cameron recalled in the same interview that they took regular family trips to Sequoia National Park. “We used to go camping because we couldn’t afford to go on vacation,” she said. “We pitched a tent, went fishing and barbecued over the fire.”

They also often visited their grandmother, who kept cattle and made her own clothes.

She is a mother of four children

In her Instagram bio, Chimena describes herself as a “crazy mother of four.” She has three daughters: Emmy, Channing and Chloe, and a son, Emilio. Besides the people in the family, she is also the mother of a cat named Pirate, a dog named Luna, and a turtle named Joe.

Chimena loves to show off her kids online. She often shares photos of Channing playing volleyball, and when Emilio joined the Navy in 2018, Chimena expressed her pride in this post. “Emilio now serves our country!” she captioned a photo of herself and her son smiling. “GO TO THE Fleet! 🇺🇸💗Proud of my boy! 💗🇺🇸.”

In a June 2022 post, Chimene reflected on being a single mother. She shared a photo of Channing’s journal and wrote, “I want to congratulate all the single moms out there! I feel you and I know what trials this day will bring.”

“You’re all rock stars!” she continued. “This day is for us as much as it is for those wonderful dads who come and put effort into life. Cheers to the families we have, the families we create, and the families we miss! I miss you, Pops!

She is a realtor and a certified group fitness instructor.

Cameron Diaz and Chimen Diaz.

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Chimena and her real estate partner, Rhonda Buchanan, run the Buchanan and Diaz group. In October 2021, they joined Ferguson Realty in Seal Beach, California for Sister Cameron’s Instagram.

Chimen and Rhonda stated on Realtor.com, “Our work experience has allowed us to acquire the skills that have made our real estate business successful; Hard work, honesty, determination, negotiation, communication and most importantly, putting the needs and interests of others as our top priority.”

The realtor is also a fitness enthusiast. In November 2017, Chimene shared a photo of her official group fitness instructor certification on Instagram. “It’s official!!!” she wrote. “Signature sealed and delivered! My career is in full swing.”

Cameron is a loving aunt to Ximena’s children.

Cameron Diaz and family at the ceremony to present her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009.

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In 2004, a friend of Cameron told PEOPLE magazine about the actress: “(She’s) a wonderful aunt.”

There’s something about Mary the star said Parade in 2009 that because she has three nieces and a nephew, she has a general idea of ​​what it’s like to have children.

“I completely understand the whole picture,” Cameron said. “I don’t think having children is a compromise. I don’t think this is a compromise. I think it’s just a different choice.” (She later became a mother herself, giving birth to daughter Raddix in December 2019.)

Chimene loves hanging out with Cameron and supporting her.

Cameron Diaz and Chimaine Diaz at the premiere of There’s Something About Mary in 1998.


Chimene’s Instagram features several photos of Cameron and Chimene smiling together. The actress’s sister shared a cute selfie of the duo in April 2014 and wrote, “Love hanging out with my sister! 😘.”

Chimene also shared her support for Cameron on Instagram when Vanilla Sky the star published her book in 2013, Book of the Body. “So proud of my little sister!” Chimena captioned a photo of Cameron speaking at a book signing.

In another post about the book, Chimene wrote: “Look my sister wrote an amazing book!!! #gogetit!”

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