Who is Cristiano Ronaldo’s daughter Alana Martina?

Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodríguez form a large family, one of their daughters is Alana Martina, who was born at 11 She turned six on March 12, for which she received sweet congratulations from her father.

The Portuguese shared several photos of the girl and wrote: “Happy birthday with daddy’s love. God bless you always” The publication has received more than 16 million “likes” on Instagram.

Cristiano and Rodríguez met in 2016, when the striker was already the father of his eldest son, born via surrogate, and Eva and Mateo came into the world in the same way. However, the future wife of the star made it clear to the media: “Neither Cristiano nor I think of Alana as my only daughter. “My children are four years old and all four of them call me mum. ”

The influencer said: “What’s happening now is that a lot of what’s posted on the internet is untrue. It’s just one more thing that people don’t know.”

“Alana Martina was just born! Geo and Alana are doing great. We are so happy!” Five Ballon d’Or winners were revealed at Madrid’s Quiro Salud University Hospital as one of his heirs was born.

Alana is undoubtedly the most outgoing of them all, and she clearly intends to follow in her mother’s footsteps. In the Netflix documentary about Georgina, exclusive images were shown in which the girl can be seen dressed up and modeling.

However, the girl and Captain Al-Nassr bear a striking resemblance in appearance. They have the same skin color, the same eyes and gestures, which are characteristics of football players and even caused a lot of comments from the public and the media.

Alana’s favorite dishes are pasta and fish, although she also has a sweet tooth. But like every child, his mother had to constantly restrict his diet to take care of his health.

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