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Rich family behind then diplomas, study, work abroad and in Rome. Many, after her husband Guido Crosetto took to Twitter to criticize the spread of photos taken of them together on holiday in Sardinia, wondered who it was. Gaia Saponaroa woman who has worked for the current Minister of Defense for 20 years and is raising two children with him.

– Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto in Sardinia with his wife Gaia Saponaro.

Gaia Saponaro, Crosetto’s wife: ‘She’s a Megan Fox lookalike’

The first picture showing them together was shared on social media on July 24, 2020, when Guido Crosetto, who in August the following year, a few weeks after the constitutional referendum to reduce the number of parliamentarians, announced his vote against, in disagreement with the linear official. (“yes”) Brothers of Italy – published a black and white photo with his wife Gaia Saponaro: “Happy birthday, my life partner and journey, for 16 very long and extraordinary years,” the accompanying caption, under which there is no shortage of user comments: “But it’s the Italian lookalike of Megan Fox,” someone goes so far as to say..

– The first shot showing Guido Crosetto and his wife Gaia together.

Numerous comments under this photo. So much so that the future secretary of defense does not remain silent: “Ten days ago, I posted a photo with my wife, which caused a lot of surprised and sarcastic comments posted on social networks, so I am sharing one without me with some information.: we have been together for 15 years, married, two children (Carol and Leon), he is from Puglia and is rich. He has a lot of humor and loves horror“.

– On the left is the first photo of Gaia Saponara, published on social networks by Guido Crosetto.

Artistic gymnastics, chess and two diplomas (plus a master’s)

From that moment on, the first news about Gaia Saponaro appears, which has always remained in the shadows (even today his social channels are closed). She grew up with a passion for gymnastics and chess, which are in her curriculum. two degrees (one in business administration and one in international management) and a master’s degree in business administration. He studied in London and has many years of experience in Hong Kong and Sydney. Among his passions is wine, to reach the second level. WSET Wine Awardprestigious industry recognition.

What kind of work does Gaia Saponaro, Crosetto’s wife do?

Saponaro deals with daily life in the direction Food & Drink Restaurant Don Pasquale restaurant and bar in Rome is one of several positions he has held at major hotel chains including Marriott and Jk.

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