Who is Samira Louis, Friulka from the TV series “Big Brother”

Samira Louis is among the Big Brother contestants.

Perseverance, enthusiasm and a great desire to express yourself. Samira Louisborn on March 6, 1998 in Udine, crossed the famous red door of Big Brother 2023 on Monday evening. A reality show that this year will give both famous people and unknown faces the opportunity to tell the stories of their lives, thus gave great opportunity for a young dancer.

She will definitely tear out her nails if necessary Samira, who gives San Daniele del Friuli, the city where she lives with her mother, who raised her alone, and since her arrival she promises not to make any discounts for anyone if she gets into a difficult situation. Finalist the national Miss Italy competition in 2017, where she came third.the new Giffina has previously announced herself to the general public in the role of “professor” in the series. heritage under the leadership of Carlo Conti, and then “Such and such a show”where he attracted the attention of the public with ballet and artistic performances.

A lover of the famous San Daniele ham, as she recalls in the presentation video, Samira explains in a few seconds of all the love for the mother, who all these years also fulfilled the parental role of the father. Very engaged to the “luxury concierge” of a famous hotel. Luigi Punzowith whom, according to her, she is very much in love, the young and devoted fan of the singer Rihanna will certainly not fail to reveal her very piquant character when necessary.

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