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February 15, 1995 was born in San Antonio in the United States and became one of the most beloved and successful rappers in US history, one of the most respected heirs of such sacred monsters as Lil Kim, Missy Elliot and Da Brat: it’s about the famous Megan T Stallion, a multi-platinum artist who has been talking a lot about himself in recent months due to his (alleged) relationship with new signing Romelu Lukaku. Here is a portrait of the singer.

Who is Megan T Stallion

The singer came to the world of music at about 16 years old, for which she received her nickname. “Stallion” due to her indefatigable physical form (height 1.78). Megan Jovon Ruth Petethat’s his real name, so around 2016 he starts writing his first real bars (after participating in various freestyle battles with his male co-stars), verses that converge on his first real mixtape, “Rich Ratchet”where his debut single was included “Like a stallion”. Next year 2017instead his first EP, “Make It Hot”mini-album, which also included the work “Last Week at HTX”, a single that was able to get over 4 million views on Youtube in a short time. Year of consecration 2018one in which he signs a contract with a prestigious Jay-Z Roc Nation label, launching a career in the mainstream rap world that soon brought her great satisfaction. His first commercial mixtape. ‘Heat’going out in 2019 and this is a great success: the project manages to reach the tenth position in the prestigious Billboard Hot 200 American, which gives him great fame. However, next year 2020the one in which the name Megan T Stallion will be on everyone’s lips thanks to the release of the single ‘savages’, which went viral thanks to TikTok, and luckily a sacred monster like BeyoncĂ© agreed to sign her a remix of the song. In the midst of the pandemic, Megan Thee Stallion also released another single to extraordinary commercial success: “vaps”extremely provocative thing in collaboration with Cardi B where sex is spoken about in the most frank and harsh way. The following year, building on previous successes, Megan T Stallion took home the award for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards, as well as for the best collaboration thanks to the Savage remix with BeyoncĂ©. Among his most interesting recent projects related to 2022 is the single “Sweet Pie” with Dua Lipa and his second album “traumazine” (The first, Good News, came out two years ago.)

Flirt with Lukaku?

Last May, there was a lot of talk about an alleged romance between the rapper and Romelu Lukaku, a football player who recently joined the ranks of Roma. They attended the wedding together Lautaro Martinezorganized on Lake Como, and they spent the whole evening next to each other. However, it is not known whether the relationship is still ongoing: in fact, it is not clear whether love ever really broke out or if it was just an acquaintance.

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