Who is Tiziano Ferro? Biography of the singer

Tiziano Ferro was born in Latin America and shows his connection with music very early. He begins to take his first steps with a visit to the conservatory of his hometown, and at the age of sixteen he enters the gospel choir, where his passion for the tones of African American music is born. This is where he hones his incredible singing skills and develops his signature style.

In 2001, his first single was released: “Hdono”. A work that dizzyingly rises in the charts. The single is part of EMI’s debut album ‘Rosso Relativo’, which goes out into the world ready to welcome the soulful newcomer with open arms.

“Relatively red” already successful, but it was in 2003 that Tiziano Ferro breaking records: coming out “111 one hundred eleven” the second autobiographical album with which he finally wins his place on the Olympus of successful Italian songwriters with over a million copies sold. Over the years he has recorded many songs and albums in many foreign languages ​​such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and English.

And the songs of Tiziano Ferro in this way they enter the most important stages of the world and confirm her as a high-profile artist. his notes, “No One Is Alone” 2006 “At my age” published in 2008, “Love is simple” 2011 and “Craft of Life” 2015, receive multi-platinum certifications and consistently top the album charts.

In the early 2000s, rumors raged about his possible homosexuality. To the extent that in 2010 Tiziano Ferro decides to come out during a beautiful Vanity Fair interview.

In 2014, the record-breaking author wins another major victory. coming out “TZN: the best of Tiziano Ferro”, his greatest hits collection, which includes three brand new singles and his first stadium tour. The album stays at number one on the sales chart for several weeks and has been in the TOP 100 best selling albums for over 4 years in a row, earning the artist 8 platinum certifications from Fimi Gfk. The best, from all points of view.

For many years, Tiziano Ferro collaborates with great artists of the caliber of John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Chris Botti, Mary J Blige, Jamelia, One Republic, proving once again that he knows no boundaries. After also establishing himself as the writer of many big names in music including Andre Bocelli/Ed Sheeran and Blue, he released an album in 2019. “I Accept Miracles” produced by Timbaland: 12 unpublished works that earned him two platinum awards.

In 2020 Tiziano Ferro come back from “I Accept Miracles: The Experience of Others”: a double CD containing the album’s original track listing as well as 13 covers of songs by so many Italian authors who celebrated the small miracles in his life. The first single extracted is the magnificent “Rimmel” by Francesco De Gregori, which Tiziano interprets with his unmistakable timbre and great respect for the original version. Other tracks include “E ti vengo a cerca” by Franco Battiato, “Losing love” in duet with Massimo Ranieri, “At least you are in the universe” by the timeless Mia Martini.

The double album releases alongside the powerful documentary “Ferro”, available on Amazon Prime Video. The light and shadow story of his personal and professional life was named Best Film at the 2021 Diversity Media Awards. In May Tiziano Ferro with Ge Pequeno and Marrakash along with Sottotono for a remastering of their famous single: “Only she has what I want”. While “Il Mestiere della vita” is earning its sixth platinum status, Tiziano Ferro is nominated as a voting member for the Grammy Awards, which is incredible recognition for someone like him who has devoted his life to music.

November 11, 2022 Tiziano Ferro announces the release of a new album. “The world is ours” whose first standalone excerpt “Wonderful Life”. It is a recording project that features great Italian and foreign artists such as Sting, who, together with a Latin American artist, reinterprets a song taken from his latest album “For Her Love”, Roberto Vecchioni, who duets with Tiziano on the unpublished “I Miti”, Caparezza for the first time next to Ferro in “Angel of Others and Himself”, Tasup, who shares “r()t()nda” with Tiziano, and actress and presenter Ambra Angiolini, who returns to music in “Ambra/Titian”.

In 2023 Tiziano Ferro returns with unreleased single “Destination Sea”: An anthem for new life, the result of a collaboration with ITACA, the production company founded by Merk & Kremont with Eugenio Maimone and Leonardo Grillotti. Davide Simonetta, a former co-author of Aris and Blanco, set the music for the new work, and the text was written by Tiziano himself together with Roberto Casalino. According to the singer himself, the new song is an anthem for a new life, ready to excite with a fresh dance electro sound that confidently opens to the future.

(last updated: August 15, 2023)

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