Who owns a Ferrari today? That’s who’s in charge in Maranello

If you think that the whole Ferrari is in the hands of one person, we advise you to carefully read this article. This is how the House of Modenese is arranged.

Every driver in the world dreams or has dreamed of racing for the Reds, just like every supercar enthusiast wants to own a Ferrari. The Modenese house has become an icon thanks to the intuition of an absolute genius, known in the registry office as Enzo Ferrari. Throughout history, there are people who are driven by boundless passion and who manage to achieve unthinkable for mere mortal goals.

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Drake was uncompromising and built the company in his own image and likeness.. Only perfection was allowed, and this applied to everyone, from the first mechanical assistant to the top management. Ferrari wrote automotive and motorsport history by becoming the team with the most World Championships in Formula 1. Unfortunately, times have changed a lot today.

While Luca Cordero di Montezemolo was in Maranello, the level of competence and attention to detail remained the same. Moreover, the Bolognese was a true enthusiast and in the organizational structure, he held several positions before taking the presidency in the 1990s. Ferrari, under the leadership of Montezemolo, experienced a golden age. She broke away from the canon of a niche manufacturer, starting to produce various sports models, which paved the way for the current success.

However, in Formula 1 Scuderia has gone through what is perhaps an unrepeatable period, having won 6 Constructors’ titles in a row. Michael Schumacher became world champion for 5 years in a row (from 2000 to 2004), which is the current record in the history of the circus. No team has ever won with such stability of results before, giving the impression of unshakable strength. The Reds were competitive at the highest level also in 2007 (World Championship for Kimi Raikkonen) and in 2008 with the latest constructors award.

Ferrari, that’s who rules in Maranello

A history of tradition and triumph would deserve a different path. Over the past 15 years in Formula 1 there have been very bitter defeats. In at least 2023, the Reds have made a big name at Le Mans by winning the centennial stage. This is still too little for the ambitions of the legendary builder.

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Ferrari is a limited liability company managed by the Dutch holding company Ferrari NV.., which belongs to the Exor group. The entry of the Modenese house into NV dates back to 2013, after it was included in the FIAT universe back in 1969. In fact, the Agnelli family was behind the Cavallino brand. Enzo chose to trust Gianni rather than turn the business over to Ford. Ferrari was then spun off from FCA Group, today Stellantis, and came under the control of Exor Group, Agnelli’s holding company based in the Netherlands.

The current president of Ferrari after the death of Sergio Marchionne is John Elkann. The latter is one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of around $2 billion. Piero Ferrari, at the behest of his father, now owns only 10% of the capital. Cavallino.

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