Who was Darren Kent, the actor of “Game of Thrones” who died today: life, career, illness

Darren Kent passed away today at the age of 36. The actor became famous for his role in Game of Thrones, in which he was present for a short time, but decisively for the plots. Unfortunately, the actor suffered from several pathologies, including one rare skin disease.


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Who was Darren Kent? Biography and career

Darren Kent has died at the age of 36. after several years of struggling with various pathologies from which he suffered. Actor born in 1987.began to take his first steps in the world of acting in the 2000s, starred in the TV series Outcasts, but above all he became known worldwide for his role in the “Game of Thrones”. The actor appears in the last episode of the fourth season. Appears from Daenerys TargaryenIn execution emilia clarke, and shows her the lifeless body of her three-year-old daughter as evidence of the destruction her dragons have caused. This moment represents a twist in the beloved series’ storyline. still in memory everyone who followed her. Darren Kent has also taken part in roles in the theater or in some films.

Darren Kent: the rare disease he suffered from

Unfortunately, Darren Kent had a rare skin condition. which made it difficult for him to stay in the sun. He also suffered from osteoporosis and arthritis. It was his employees who reported his death, saying that it happened Friday 11 August, in his home and peacefully. It is not clear if the actor passed away due to the pathologies he suffered from, or if something else happened. More news may appear in the coming days.

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