Why are we now saying that Donald Trump has strawberry blonde hair instead of blond?

Donald Trump has nothing to learn from Hollywood stars about how to always keep the spotlight on himself. He also demonstrated this during the spread of su. photo for an arrest in Atlanta’s Fulton County that lasted just 20 minutes as the tycoon was released after posting $200,000 bail.

The event was an opportunity for Donald Trump to share photowith a gloomy look and resumed his candidacy for the presidency of the United States on social networks with new hair colorlike the most experienced stars, they read Kim Kardashian when they have something to talk about.


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The former president, who faces charges of trying to undermine the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, has his ballot registered as Fulton County Jail in Atlanta found the following physical characteristics written (or written) in addition to the serial number of prisoner P01135809: height one meter ninety and ninety seven kilograms (suspicious height and weight, since he is an athlete), blue eyes and blonde or strawberry hair.

We want to focus specifically on Trump’s hair color (whether he really changed it or not). Her hair has always been a source of pride and attention, and on this occasion, her hair was described with one of the most viral words of the time: strawberries, really. That’s why Trump would dye his hair. strawberry blondnuance warm, pink blond, one of those that has seen a boom in recent years and has entered the official palette in the beauty universe, as well as polluting other sectors such as the world of makeup. Thanks also to model Hailey Bieber, who started the popular strawberry makeup trend, this summer a strawberry-toned face, manicure or anything else, including hair, will be a guaranteed hit. It could be said that Trump or his entourage that handles his digital marketing has hijacked the trend. strawberry corethought well of riding it for personal visibility benefits.

Etymological history of hair color

Rivers of articles have been written about Trump’s hair. In addition to the transfer, which has been a favorite source of inspiration for many over the years memesthe color of her hair, said blorange (a cross between blond and orange), has been described in various ways, adapting to fashion and evolving trends on social media. V bestselling book by journalist Michael Wolff, published in 2018, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, a collection of gossip about the president’s life during his first year in the White House, his color is described as blonde orange not how light strawberry.

The bestseller also offers details on how the former president achieved his distinctive tone. The author writes that, according to the carelessness of his daughter Ivanka, who teased her father about his hair, the color was “the result of using a product called “Only for men– the longer it is left, the darker it becomes. Trump’s impatience is the creator of his orange-blond color.

How it is described today strawberry blond, is nothing less than an update to one of the most targeted hair colors that is the hardest to define even for professionals. Over the years, there have been those who have described the former president’s hair color as golden eggs“golden egg”WHO Tuscan surprise, “Tuscan surprise”WHO tasteless salmon that is “tasteless salmon” and who, as the Washington Post reported, Aperol Spritzthe definition is attributed to actress Helen Mirren, o Sick dog poopsthat is “sick dog poop”, according to what actress Evan Rachel Wood would say instead. In beauty jargon, the name that most suits it, in our opinion, remains. blorange which, depending on its more or less orange intensity, due to the impatience of the former President during the application of the color, deviates to the side strawberry (orange-pink) or blonde.

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