Why aren’t the NBA’s best players participating in the Basketball World Cup with Team USA?

Team USA’s painful experience at the 2023 Basketball World Cup is over. The U.S. was in trouble after a disastrous semifinal loss to Germany and a Canadian victory in the third-place match. There are a lot of people taking to social networks to complain about Steve Kerr’s team’s World Cup disasterwho in turn wonder why the coach doesn’t bring some of the NBA’s best stars to games. However, unlike other sports such as football, Steve Kerr has little ability to convince players..

The United States is considered a strong opponent in the new Basketball World Cup. Many analysts thought the American Dream Team would win again, but that was not the case.. Gradually, America’s shortcomings will begin to be exposed.Steve Kerr doesn’t call some stars that LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum or Kawhi Leonard I would end up paying dearly for this.

There are a number of key factors in deciphering the crash, which spanned from North America to Asia, and understanding the stars’ “no” to the call. For the NBA and its most proven players, the Basketball World Cup doesn’t carry the same weight as the OlympicsTeam USA can always assemble a dream team to compete for the gold medal. 2020 Tokyo Olympics Stars such as Tatum, Kevin Durant, Bam Adebayo, Draymond Green, Zaf LaVine and Damian Lillard all signed up without hesitation. your challenge. More over, For the 2024 Paris Olympics, there’s already speculation that LeBron James and Stephen Curry could lead Team USA.

The second key has to do with the games a player plays throughout the season.IThe NBA regular season lasts from October to April of the following year, with a total of 82 official games.The addition of play-offs could extend the year into the summer.There are many players who prefer to have off season Much calmer than saying yes to Team USA competing in the FIBA ‚Äč‚Äčtournament. This tendency is usually more common among those players who have reached the Finals or the most senior players.

A World Cup that has no appetite for Team USA

It’s only half true that the United States doesn’t care much about the Basketball World Cup. Even though the biggest stars decided to take a backseat, In this sense, Team USA must attract “second-tier” players.as I did in the first two editions. While this type of player is usually enough for Team USA to win games, sometimes it’s not.. In this version, Steve Kerr has assembled a team with a lot of young talent that many teams would love to have, proved unstoppable in the friendly matches before the game. Sooner or later, however, the dream team will reveal its weaknesses.

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