Why children born in October are less likely to get the flu than other children

Flu has less impact on children born in October, study suggests

  • October is the best time for children to get the flu vaccine

  • Experts warn we shouldn’t wait for review to vaccinate children

  • Flu peaks usually occur in December and January

One study confirmed that a child is born exist October have Reduce flu That other people. That’s what they concluded after analyzing nearly a million minors in a U.S. study. This month is the perfect time to vaccinate them.

“It’s not that they were born in October, it’s that they went to the pediatrician’s office a year after they were born and took the opportunity to vaccinate them,” he insisted. Estanislao Nistar, virologist.

Virologist says: ‘Vaccine must be carried out in October’

A US study published in the British Medical Journal shows that children born in October are less likely to get the flu, and here’s why: Vaccination. Results show that this month is the best time to vaccinate young children. “This is the best time because it is a month before the onset of flu cases, which guarantees the production of more antibodies to the virus,” said virologist Estanislao Nistal.

Therefore, scientists warn that we should not take advantage of Comment Vaccinate young children. Vaccination is recommended in September and October to maximize immunity during peak flu season.

Flu peaks in December and January

“Children who have not had their review until March cannot wait that long. Regardless of controls and reviews, vaccination must be completed by October,” he said. Fernando Moraga-Lop, Spanish Vaccinology Association.

The virologist emphasized: “When we vaccinate, the peak of antibodies usually occurs around October, because this is ideal to prevent the peak of influenza in December and January.” This action is important for preventing children and their Peer infection is very necessary. About.

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